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  1. Touchscreen dead?

    So after 2 weeks without touching it yesterday I charged the phone and today... Tcharam! Its works again!!! I don't know why or how but its working again :-)
  2. Hello. Need a little help, looks like my touchscreen is completely dead? All phisical buttons are working ok but i receive no Input from the Touchscreen making the phone unusable. Any idea of what might be and if it has any way to solve it?
  3. Am i dreaming or did this rom used to have the "Navigation Bar" option? Oo
  4. Ok Zeelog, just tested again and still cant connect to the car bluetooth and to tablet via tablet talk.. both devices cant find the phone and vice versa. So to test if it was problem with my phone I installed another rom from here (eco cm9) and this time I didnt find any problem.
  5. Was away for the weekend, will install it today and report back.
  6. Is bluetooth working correctly? Im having trouble connecting to my tablet (Tablet Talk) and to the car bluetooth. Most of the times i cant really connect, sometimes i reboot the phone and i can connect, but i disconnect and try to reconnect again it wont work..
  7. ..Remove..

    Cant wait ;)
  8. Thanks both, ill put my efforts into disabling it, i dont really like the animation :P
  9. Is there any way to disable the "flash" when youturn the screen off?
  10. Hello jventura. Tried your rom and it really is good, i might even install it on the girls phone too. Is it possible to port digital chronus clock used on jelly bean? The weather widget on lockscreen isnt working, anyone else has this problem? Other than this everything seems to be working pretty nicely :)
  11. Can anyone help me to find how to install Portuguese (Portugal) spell checker on the keyboard? Its the only thing im missing.
  12. Not using s2e here. Have installed link2sd but atill havent mounted the ext partition on the sdcard so i doubt it has anything to do with that. Changed to smartass2 cpu governor, so far havent had more random reboots. Bluetooth also doesnt work correctly here, cant pair the phone with my tablet on tablet talk application
  13. Speaking of the devil, same thing happened twice today. Maybe changing cpu governor can solve this. To be tested
  14. Hi :) Great rom as always. KonstaT is like a good wine, gets better over time. Enough flaterring now. Is it possible to add Portuguese spell checker to the rom from another rom (4.1.2) to this one? It has PT-BR thats for Brasil. Thanks again. Jesuita
  15. ZTE Blade TPTs

    I have a generation 2 upgrade blade (told by blade checker) and currently have 138mb/316mb/2mb partition. Im searching for a TPT that allows me to have the maximum data possible so i thought i would use the one with 128mb on system but that one only gives me 311mb for data... why is this? 138+316+2= 456 128+311+2= 441 Where are the remaining 15mb?