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  1. Hi all, I've rooted my g300 and removed some of the pre-installed vodafone rubbish, however now my phone permenantly comes up with an error about the application: com.lmi.vodafone.rescue Needing to be force closed, I close it and it pops up immediately, so much so that I cannot get into settings to even switch USB debugging on :(. Any suggestions? If I can manage to get USB debugging on, anyone know if I can remove whatever is crashing using adb or similar? of if there is a recovery mode I can use? (power + volume as per the root install). Thank you!
  2. I love my vega, even more so with the custom ROM! I'm a software developer and currently writing my first 3d game, the vega tablet is my test machine / target platform :(. a second one would be ace, as then my wife can stop wanting to borrow my dev machine and I can ge tmore work done :(