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  1. data/app and data/local contents of internal storage space is. If the SD card is EXT partition, it will be used, and the files are there. The ROM applications are automatically redirected to the EXT partition.
  2. Recovery=> format boot, format cache, format data, format system=>>re-install Ice Armor III.
  3. Ice Armor+ is made for advanced users Advanced users can not ask questions but you can use
  4. ICE ARMOR III+ download now! Advanced users only!!!
  5. Patch=>>>>>>>Link<<<< Install recovery! I expect some feedback
  6. COMING SOON: Ice Armor III+ Ice Armor III+ ===>> ADVANCED USERS ONLY!! - A2SD - Support EXT partition (automatically uses ext partiton the SD card)(there is no need for external applications) /S2E, Link2SD/ - Data/App folder activated (to be any non-system applications) - Data/Local folder activated (bootanimation) Can not be updated Ice Armor III Ice Armor III+ clean install!
  7. You can not install, missing lib: <uses-library android:name="com.zte.ui.lib" />
  8. Camera update=>> download Install recovery!

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