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  1. You need to Sign apk's after re-building them
  2. Oh but you can change it, you have two options. 1) If you are on CM or any other ROM with theme manager, you can create a theme to change the icon. Though this may be difficult if you have no idea what you are doing. 2) Use apktool or similar to decompile the apk, and manually edit the image file for said icon. However, this will need editing with every new release and can't be updated via market. Both of these probably need some background knowledge and general experience, it depends how good you are with such things.
  3. Gives you the feeling credit due to Jonas H isn't being given somewhere...
  4. Does this rom include an option to have the "MIUI" style battery bar? And if so can you change the colour? I searched around but couldn't find the answer :P Thanks
  5. Personally I think the Facebook app for android is one of the worst pieces of coding ever done, it is constantly breaking... I get notifications from Facebook on KonstaT's ICS but I can't sync contacts...I blame Facebook :P
  6. Personal preference is ES for the root access and clipboard...cant believe you didnt search explorer in the Google Play Store though :P
  7. *sigh*...not even going to say it anymore...
  8. It may have just been me, but I tried setting up a SIM lock, and then it suddenly wanted a PUK code, the sim/phone have never been locked before...I don't know if I was being careless or if it's a bug :P
  9. It's looking good! I think you need to tell some people to "Lurk Moar"
  10. JB will probably work as well as ICS currently does. And I think that maybe, eventually, we will get the openmax stuff...eventually...
  11. 1) Use Gingerbread, not ICS. HW video decoding isn't working properly on ICS yet. 2) Stock video player is capable of playing Mp4 files 3) Mp4 is just a container, a range of video and audio codecs are supported, I'd recommend using h264 and aac, yes other apps will support wider ranges of codecs but likelyhood is you wont get HW decoding and the software decoding is slow because of the CPU 4) I don't really think 720p is feasible on the blade, but considering the screen hasn't even got that many pixels, I don't see much point...though If you cant be bothered to re-encode you may spend more time messing about on your phone
  12. Just updating to latest version from one so old I can't remember which it is... Will hardware decoding ever be supported in ICS? I've searched this thread and a few others but wasn't really sure. I thought Qualcomm released the Adreno drivers, or was that something else entirely?
  13. Thought as much, just wanted to confirm. Well considering there is nothing blazing on HUKD at the moment this will be replacing my Blade methinks :)
  14. Thought as much, just wanted to confirm. Well considering there is nothing blazing on HUKD at the moment this will be replacing my Blade methinks :)
  15. How does it compare to an Acer Liquid Metal?

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