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  1. Best ROM for OSF

    1. If your ROM is not playing up, then it doesn't matter that you didn't do those wipes when installing it. It's good practice to do them, but as you've discovered, you can sometimes get away without them. If you're not using Link2SD, then you can wipe/format your SD card without having any effect on the Android system. If you are using Link2SD then if you mess with your SD card partition (or just remove your SD card) then your apps/system will crash. 2. I can't remember whether the WiFi disconnected when my phone went to sleep. It was never a problem for me though as I don't use Skype. However, I do remember it was a big issue that used to be discussed on here, so do a search and you might find a solution. I recall there were some apps which might be able to help.
  2. Best ROM for OSF

    I imagine your nightly version of CM7 is very similar to jventura's Eco version. And if you've got SU working, then you're rooted. I'm no expert on SD cards, but I have noticed the budget no-brand ones from ebay can be a bit slower. I use Class 10 ones - usually Samsung or Verbatim. They seem to work okay. If you're not currently using Link2SD, and you're not having problems with out-of-memory problems, then you probably aren't installing that many large apps and you'll be fine without it. I've found that I run out of memory quite fast, probably because I've got all the Angry Birds games on there, and they're quite big. The following are the tips and tweaks that I've gathered from this forum over the years. (Apologies for not crediting the original posters who suggested these, but I really can't be bothered to plough through the forum to find their usernames!): Wipes before Installing the ROM. 1. Wipe SD Card so you have a 2GB ext2 partition, a 0 swap and a FAT32 main (Only necessary if using Link2SD. Otherwise, just format your card.) 2. CWM Wipes: n Advanced>wipe dalvik cache n Advanced>wipe battery stats n Wipe data/factory reset n Wipe cache partition n Mounts and storage>format system n Mounts and storage>format SD-ext (Only if you've created a partition for use with Link2SD) Tweaks. 1. Settings>CyanogenMod Settings>Performance>CPU settings. SmartassV2 Max: 710 (Min: As low as you can.) 2. Settings>Display Autorotate screen off and Auto Brightness 3. Menu>preferences>set up everything as you want. 4. Menu>advanced>(app drawer)opening speed=7 5. Get rid of 'sync picassa web albums' from accounts and sync A final tip is to use ES File Explorer. Do a google search and you'll find instructions for how to use it to its full potential. For example, you can activate 'root explorer' and see files which are normally hidden. But you can also use it to connect your phone and your laptop in a LAN, via your router, which allows you to transfer files to and from your laptop quickly and without a USB cable.
  3. Best ROM for OSF

    My requirements from a ROM are exactly the same as yours. I installed Eco CM7 and I found it much faster, battery-friendly and more stable than any of the other ROMs I've used over the years. I've never found a ROM after Gingerbread which was anywhere near as good. For example, Angry Birds is virtually unplayable with any other ROM. I did my research and found that, in addition to installing the ROM, there are a few tweaks you need to make (e.g. setting the right CPU governor and max speed) all of which results in an extremely fast OSF. The info is all on this forum, but let me know if you want a summary. Other things to consider: 1. Make sure you root your phone. Some of the most useful apps, like those mentioned below, require root. 2. Buy a good quality SD card and partition it using clockworkmod recovery. Then install Link2SD and move your apps to the SD card partition. (If you use a cheap, slow SD card, you'll pay for the difference in terms of speed.) 3. I've now bought a high-end phone (Sony Xperia Z3 Compact) because I got sick of my web browser (Opera classic) occasionally slowing down so much it may as well have crashed. Guess what? The same thing happened on my new phone! The solution? Install the 'F-droid' client (basically an unofficial version of the Google Play Store) and use that to install 'AdAway.' It's the annoying ads which can swamp your phone's browser. 4. A couple of other apps which are worth a mention: (1) App Freezer. This allows you to disable any apps which you don't want to use. Eco CM7 doesn't have any bloatware (unlike my stupid Z3 Compact, with Facebook and Lifeblog etc.) but may still be useful. For example, I installed a Call Recorder app, which tried to record every call, and the only way I could find to disactivate it was by 'freezing' it. (2) Greenify. This allows you to stop apps from hogging your memory and your battery by disabling them when the phone should be sleeping.
  4. I wonder if anyone can help with this odd problem: I've been using EcoCM7 for several months without any problems - great ROM. However, a couple of weeks ago I had to re-flash it (because I'd accidentally reformatted my SD-Ext, which messed everything up.) Since then, every time I turn on the GPS (whilst using Google Maps or any other Sat Nav programme) I can't turn it off. If I turn off GPS in the Power Widget or through Settings, the GPS symbol stays on. Sometimes closing down all the apps that are using the GPS will work, but other times, the GPS symbol stays on at the top of my screen no matter what I do. Anyone got any ideas about what could be causing this? I've reflashed the ROM several times, and done full wipes each time.
  5. I've used quite a few different ROMs. Up until recently, I was using Konstat's CM10.2, which worked well apart from a few glitches sending and receiving text messages. I've now switched to jventura's Eco CM7. I find it's absolutely perfect - very smooth and very fast. I don't really care about any advanced features on my phone. Apart from calls and texts, all I want is the ability to play a few basic games (angry birds etc.) and use the internet and sat-nav. It does all of these flawlessly, and the battery life seems very good too.
  6. Thanks Kyan. Lightning ROM was excellent, but I think I had a bad install as a lot of the apps would force close if I didn't fix permissions in CWM before I booted it up. So I'm now on Slim ROM, which is excellent, although slightly laggy. I think I'll give SlimBean a go when I have the time to mess around with the phone. (It's not so easy for me to swap between ROMS as I'm using Link2Int, which means you can't just restore a backup of an old ROM using CWM.)
  7. I'm currently on Slim Rom, which is fine although games run slightly slower than they can do (e.g. on Kyan's Lightning ROM) and caller ID can take a little while to display. If any of you have used both Slim ROM and SlimBean ROM, would you recommend I change? (My priorities with a ROM are that it's stable, fast and has good battery life - I don't really need many fancy features.)
  8. Derei - which ROM did you end up using? I'm interested in trying a newer ROM which works with Link2Int. I was thinking of SlimBean.
  9. Couldn't agree more. I can't believe the only reason this guy is being so rude is that English is not his first language. It must either be a deliberate attempt to annoy the developers or he's just a spoilt pain-in-the-backside. Either way, the forum would be better without him.
  10. I was using my 32GB card without problems with v3.5 of Kyan's Lightning Rom, but when I upgraded to V4 it started defaulting to internal storage and made a mess of my phone as I had all my apps stored on the internal 2GB card using Link2Int. Since then I have gone back to v3.5 and the storage problem has gone away again.
  11. I get this problem too, but there is a staightforward, if time-consuming, solution: (Make sure 'fastboot' is switched off first: Settings>fastboot>off.) 1. Settings/Apps/wipe cache. 2. Reboot into Clockwork Mod Recovery. (Easily done with Kyan's excellent new mod - just hold the on/off button down and then select 'recovery.') 3. In CWM, First select 'mounts and storage' then mount, unmount and mount (again) the system. 4. Select 'advanced', then 'fix permissions.' (Takes a minute or two.) 5. Reboot system and your problems will be gone. 6. Switch fastboot back on again. This way, you won't have to do all this every time you switch the phone off and on. (However, every few reboots, you WILL have to do all this, because Kyan's ROM automatically does a full reboot every 5 reboots, even though you've got fastboot turned on.) This is an excellent ROM in terms of speed and smoothness. The problem with apps crashing (unless you do the above) is really annoying as it takes so long to do, and if you forget to do all this on a reboot, you have to switch the phone off and start again. If anyone has any ideas why it happens to some people but not others, and if there's anything I can do about it, I'd be really grateful. I suspect it might be something to do with the fact that I'm using Link2Int. Kyan - your latest Mod zip is excellent: everything works as far as I can tell and the power toggles are perfect. I've found that CoPilot 9 has stopped working - not sure if that's related.
  12. I don't know about the most recent version (Lightning 3.5) but I'm using version 3 and iPlayer works fine. A few weeks ago when I was briefly without a laptop I was using it all the time.
  13. No need - just put it in airplane mode. That's what I do and it works fine.
  14. Kyan - while we're talking about wish-lists for Version 4, here's mine... 1. Nail down the Link2Int problem - i.e. find a way to install it that will definitely work for everyone using your ROM. (If I could be arsed, I'd have another go with v4 and see if I could get Link2Int to work by installing busybox properly before using PimpMyRom. However, after spending ages re-installing all my apps and restoring data etc., I'm inclined to stick with v.3 for the moment.) 2. Nail down the default storage problem - i.e. verify that the script you've posted above will definitely prevent storage reverting to internal. 3. Nail down the problem whereby you need to 'fix permissions' on every full reboot for your apps to work. (This is almost certainly related to Link2Int - perhaps not moving the dalvik cache to int may be the answer.) 4. Nail down a version of CWM which will allow a simple back up and restore of the phone, including the internal SD ext. I'm currently using the hybrid touch version, but I'm not sure if that would actually back up my int SD. 5. Include a music player which works with your awesome beats app. (If a free one exists.) If you could sort all this stuff out, I reckon Lightning could become what Swedish Snow was for the ZTE Blade. It's incredibly fast for ICS, and seems to do everything smoothly without glitches. I rarely ever switch my phone off and on, yet I've never had a reboot, and only a couple of force-closes on apps that I've been hammering. All the UI changes and other features would be a bonus, but I think the average user wouldn't be too fussed about them as they can usually be obtained by downloading apps from Play.
  15. Fair enough. Let's hope Cyda has an idea. Otherwise we'll have to go back to a partitioned card and a wasted 2GB of internal... (By the way - I've done a full windows format on my SD card and my default storage is still reverting to internal. That wasn't happening on the previous version of your ROM. I'm going to reflash that version and see what happens.) Update: I've re-installed version 3 and the default storage is back to being the external SD card. (So I'm sticking with v3 unless you can sort this out. I feel stupid for upgrading now - it had been working breath-takingly smooth and fast, and my only gripe was having to 'fix permissions' if I did a full (i.e. not fastboot) reboot. I've also got Link2SD working! Here's how - I think it might work on version 3.5 too: 1. Install BusyBox from the Play Store. Run it and make sure you click the 'install' button on the bottom left of the app. (I stupidly didn't do this when I was trying to install it on Lightning 3.5) as I thought that once Google had installed the app, that meant BusyBox was installed. It wasn't.) 2. Install PimpMyRom and under 'tools' select enable init.d support. 3. Allow the phone to reboot. 4. Turn off. Reboot into CWM. 'mounts and storage'>'unmount system' then 'mount system'. (Or 'mount' then 'unmount' then 'mount' again - depending on what's showing when you open up 'mounts and storage.' 5. Flash the 'LinktoInt for CWM' zip. 6. Reboot. 7. Open Link2SD and grant root access. 8 Voila - you should have the option to create links for your apps to the internal SD card. (I know this doesn't make sense as init.d is supposed to be enabled, but try it anyway - init.d was supposed to be enabled in the kernel I've been using, but the above workaround still worked for me!)