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  1. GREATthis worked for me. I tried the same before but missed out step 14. I guess it's important :) Didn't even need to flash (as I'm on the latest stock rom already)
  2. GREAT the restoring your IMEI thread worked for me. I tried the same before but missed out step 14. I guess it's important :)
  3. taht is exactly what happens. I of followed the guide on this forum rather than bought an unlock code.
  4. I guess I could give that a go. I do actually have a backup, but if I put the backup back I also get the simlock back so that's useless
  5. this seems to be a rather big problem when I'm abroad (cannot connect to any networks) anybody any idea how I could fix this? I tried unlocking several times.
  6. perhaps that may be it. The last step when unlocking failed. I.e. my emei is 0. this is fine for my uk network though. When I try to write the imei it just fails, the other step with that tool works though??
  7. I have my g300 unlocked following guide here. it refuses to connect to network abroad. It says that my sim card is not allowed to. In a different phone it works though. Also it does not happen everywhere. In Switserland and the Netherlands I could connect. In Sweden it took 2 days but then it worked. In france I can't connect at all any ideas?
  8. I just chedked my IMEI and it indicates 0. Everything else works fine though. Is this a problem?
  9. cheers that helped! it all worked, but I noticed my imei had not changed back, even though I worte it with DFS Tool. So I did a restore, as suggested in the 'making IMEI 0 thread'. This locked the phone again! I now downgraided again, unlcoked again and then upgraded again and now it works I would like to thank everybody in this thread forum and especially tcpaulh and aucodeguru :)
  10. aah eeuh driver? Not really :blush: where can I find it?
  11. eeuh yes when I do that I get the empty screen on the right of the screenshot?
  12. I simply forgot to do step 1 of the guide :ph34r: . I.e. your IME needs to be made 0 or different from the original one, else that password won't be 0
  13. hurah! I finally managed to get past this step. But now I'm stuck at step 7 :( I fell really silly but I can't see any "dbAdapter Reserved Interface"
  14. lol really appriciate your help so late! my downgrade has now worked out. I had a quick try, but it still doesn't take 0 as password :( :(
  15. hhm I just noticed that I have U8815V100R001C02B936 rather than U8815NV100R001C02B936 I'll try the official downgrade from U8815V100R001C02B936 first

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