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  1. Running on 136 and so far so good!! Good work everyone.
  2. Already did that, running Gen2 with Cm7 on the flow!! Nice work everyone envolved, and keep up the good work. You guys are the best. I've bought Adw Ex and it's totally worth it, nice and fast!
  3. +1, running on RC2 with the modded kernel and the "always use proximity sensor " Ticked. What a great work guys!! :( keep Up the awesome job everyone Loving CM7
  4. Sorry! I've experienced the same issue and it worked for me. Guess a wipe should do the t :huh: rick
  5. Regarding the screen on /off animation issue you're having: Did you set Window animations to fast in the spare parts? If so, set it back to normal. It might solve your problem. Transition animations can stay on fast.
  6. Just give it a rest, and keep on amazing us with your great work. You're the Man.
  7. Works like a charm, thanks, great job.
  8. Same here, i'm also stuck at green man, you have done a great job, you shouldn't give up man, the best rom i've tried yet, so keep up the good work, it is your calling,:-)) and thanks.