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  1. Is Y300 really G510? Cause the specs in gsmarena don't match. If I get a y300, will I be able to flash any of the development goodies in this forum?
  2. Anyone else noticed this? Apparently it sells for like 83 euros in China. Hopefully they will bring it to Europe as well.
  3. Any developers support this G3? It seems like a pretty good deal
  4. Even though i want N4 like crazy, i would never buy it if its sold like that (300$ for the "1st-class" countries and 500+$ for the rest of the world).
  5. For some reason i can't find one (Gen1-Gen2 TPT 210mb system, 2mb cache). Anyone got it?
  6. Its actually fast enough (the latest version with the native UI). If it was a rom dont you think it would be posted in the rom specific sub forum?
  7. Hey guyz, its been a while. Im running CM9 on my blade and i just installed the latest ARMv6 firefox nightly and it works! the build i used - all builds
  8. Thats just awesome, cant wait to have it in my hands (unfortunately no one is importing it in Greece yet so this is a good chance to have it). Studing computer technologies and hacking into devices on my free time. Currently have 2x ZTE Blade, and 1x 16GB HP Touchpad and soon Alcatel One Touch 995.
  9. Hey guyz, what happened to the nightlies? which rom should i install now? sorry was absent for a long time so idk my way around anymore :(
  10. Isnt this like 4-5 days old news?
  11. Few more guyz: FlickGolf FruitNinja DoubleTwist Airsync ReadItLater Pro
  12. Also, sorry for double post but beautiful widgets (for the 7th) will be at 0.10 too
  13. Its a shame that i already have purchased most of them :(
  14. Hey hecatae, i think through a chroot it should be pretty possible, i found a guide in their forum:
  15. Man this would be awesome

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