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    Jiayu G2 Review

    Got one of these phones today. Seems really good except for a problem with GPS. I just can't get it to lock on to any satellites. Using GPS Test it says that there are 11 satellties within range but it just never locks on to any of the satellites. I have GPS and every other location tool switched on. Anyone got any ideas to solve this? GPS is crucial to me so this is a potential dealbreaker. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Well I returned mine back to Vodafone last Friday and I went into the store today to see if there was an update. Apparently they were unable to fix it but the guy in the store said they had to wait to get the phone and the report sent back to the store in the next day. But the kicker is that the engineers are claiming that they found moisture damage. Which is complete BS unless the phone was damaged when I got it or since I left it in for repair. I only have it for about 6 weeks and I'm extremely careful with stuff like that as it was expensive for me to buy it. I have to wait to see what the report says but it is not looking good and I presume I am going to have to have a massive argument with them. Not happy. :(
  3. Did you return it to Vodafone? Any issues?
  4. Same here... It was a gradual process over a few days with the phone being somewhat unresponsive to start with to now being completely unusable. This started on ICS and I downgraded in the hope that it would fix it but it has actually made it worse. Sorry to hear that didn't work for you jojotylol :( You might be able to get away with that explanation with Vodafone though.
  5. Thanks man... Best of luck with yours. The downgrading tool that I linked to worked pretty seamlessly for me so hopefully it will be the same for you. :)
  6. Cheers... just did that. CWM seems to have gone... It went to some sort of recovery page but the text was blue instead of green and it had less options.
  7. Really? So it is good to go back to Vodafone now?
  8. I downgraded using this method: Seemed to work ok but it is hard to tell because the screen is so unresponsive.
  9. So my G300 seems to be broken and I need to return it to Vodafone but to do that I presume I need to unroot it? Initially the problems started when I changed to the stock ICS rom so I switched to Infusion hoping that would solve it but then parts of the screen were completely unresponsive and the phone woul randomly start dialling numbers or inputting random letters into the google search bar. So I downgraded back to Gingerbread B885 and now the screen is completely unresponsive everywhere so I can't even get past the lock screen. Does anyone have any advice on how I can unroot it and anything else that I need to do to ensure that I can return it to Vodafone? Any help would be greatly appreciated.