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  1. Does anyone know how to make the camera auto-focus? because all of the photos i took is very blur :unsure:
  2. Is there any changes in build 29020?
  3. How to you make the sense clock black?
  4. ok thanks i will try it :) Edit 1#:It does not work :( still displaying boxes edit 2#:It works! i dunno why :)
  5. I have upgrade my omnia 2 to 6.5.3, but there are no chinese fonts which instead give me boxes. I can still write chinese though :)
  6. I8000NXXJI1 at samfirmware

    I think so. Because i flash my own country csc and everythin is in english
  7. I8000NXXJI1 at samfirmware

    Tip: If you have problems with language, just flash you own csc
  8. Latest official 6.5.3 rom?

    Ok thanks a lot! I am going to flash this rom :huh:
  9. May i know what is the latest official 6.5.3 rom for samsung omnia 2 gt i-8000? :huh:
  10. Does anyone knows this port of android is from what phone?