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  1. Hey dakok, many thanks for posting the jd deal - i picked up the x500. I have been reading on XDA and telekineza. Although i have to use translate on telekineza i found it easier to find information. There were so many posts on XDA that its difficult to find the information that you need. 
  2.   Thanks rista!   For anyone else reading, the X500 16 gb is still on offer for $128 with coupon code
  3. Hey Dakok,     Many thanks for your info on the phone.     Do you know if the offer ended?   It's showing as 233 USD even with the 40 USD coupon code applied
  4. China Phone Discussion [Part 2]

    Consider the LeTV X600
  5.   Can anyone compare this to Maucats rom?
  6. [ROM][4.4.2] AOSP by maucat

    Anybody have a solution to notification access not working?   I go into settings and grant ZUI unlocker notification access and although the box is checked it doesn't actually grant the app notification access.     Same problem with pushbullet (and I guess any app that requires the acess).    
  7. China Phone Discussion [Part 2]

    according to their facebook they are out of stock and will be re-stocking soon hence why there's no shipping options at the minute.      I think I'm going to wait for the storm to release before pulling the trigger
  8. China Phone Discussion [Part 2]

    When i selected shipping to the UK it said it cannot ship.     Were you able to ship to croatia?
  9. China Phone Discussion [Part 2]

    Thanks for the heads up dakok, they only seem to ship to russia though :(   Are you thinking of changing from your coolpad?
  10.   Thanks! The rom looks good so far.   How do you install the play store and do you have to flash the multi colour led mod?   Is it best to uninstall all of the system apps/apps that come with the rom?
  11. [ROM][4.4.2] AOSP by maucat

    Does anyone else have a hiss when using viper4android with this rom?    I'm using the dolby pro logic ii irs and the hiss is really pronounced 
  12. [ROM][4.4.2] AOSP by maucat

    Is there any way to be able to move apps to SD with this ROM?
  13. Love: price, performance, solid build - i've dropped mine quite a few times, reliability    Dislike: battery life, camera (sometimes)      I wouldn't mind 'upgrading' to another phone after having the coolpad for a year but there is nothing with hardware that's amazing enough to make me take the leap 

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