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  1. Hurders added a post in a topic Xiaocai X9 - Updated. Root info. Benchmarks etc.   

    Nhede, I tried again, did a full wipe and installed your rom again with latest xposedframework in system/app. Ran/installed xposed, rebooted, installed gravity box (jb) via module downloader, enabled/rebooted. No joy, lockscreen image is still the default jellybean one. If you change the gravitybox settings to use a custom image then that seems to work (but not a proper solution) but if you have the setting as default background it always goes back to the standard jellybean background on the lockscreen rather than whatever you have as your current wallpaper.
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  2. Hurders added a post in a topic Xiaocai X9 - Updated. Root info. Benchmarks etc.   

    Unfortunately, as with all these 3rd party lockscreen apps, they don't really work properly if you use a security pattern to unlock as you end up unlocking via a swipe on the app then you have to unlock with security pattern via the standard android lockscreen which still has default background rather than your wallpaper.
    Nhede, as I said in previous post, the original THL100 port would allow XposedFramework/GravityBox to use the current wallpaper as the lockscreen background even using a security pattern where as your rom doesn't let Gravity Box do this anymore? Any reason why that could be?
    Really like the rom otherwise, no THL boot logo and increased speaker volume is really good.
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  3. Hurders added a post in a topic Screen Protector That Actually Fits??   

    Anyone have any experience with any cheaper ones like these - or these -
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  4. Hurders added a post in a topic Xiaocai X9 - Updated. Root info. Benchmarks etc.   

    Great ROM Nhede. On the lock screen image, with the original W100 port if you used Xposed Framework with Gravity Box it used whatever wallpaper you had set as the lock screen background. This doesn't work anymore, is there an easier way to match lockscreen background to wallpaper without editing system files etc?
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  5. Hurders added a topic in Motorola Moto G   

    Screen Protector That Actually Fits??
    Has anyone found a clear screen protector that actually fits this phone yet?
    I bought the S-Line case + 3 Screen protectors - The case is a nice fit but the screen protectors are rubbish as they are too long at the bottom edge so there's no way of fitting them properly. Al' 3 I received are the same. Don't want to order any more unless I know they'll be a better fit (I suspect all the cheapest ones on ebay come form the same 'incorrectly sized' stock??)
    Anyone had any joy with any other screen protectors?
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  6. Hurders added a post in a topic Xiaocai X9 - Updated. Root info. Benchmarks etc.   

    I used engineering mode to slightly increase the speaker volume for calls/notifications.
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  7. Hurders added a post in a topic [OFFTOPIC] China Phone Discussion - UPDATED 30/10/2013   

    I saw this a week or 2 ago, very cheap at under £70 GBP. Only downside I see is the slightly disappointing 480x854 screen resolution.
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  8. Hurders added a post in a topic Xiaocai X9 - Updated. Root info. Benchmarks etc.   

    I encountered the same problem as mondieu detailed above. I believe that the issue may be that the supplied usb data cables (short white one) are no good for data transfer. After a failed attempt with the supplied cable I switched to a different USB port and noticed Windows was bringing up an error saying it couldn't detect device properly etc. I then found a different micro-usb data cable that I knew was good, connected that up to my X9 and windows found the device and it came up in device manager as an ADB device ok. Problem was though that motochopper still wouldn't complete as I think it had 'half' completed some of the root proccess using the supplied white cable. I saw that I did have a SU icon on my phone but it reported an error when trying to open.
    Fortunately I found the solution from Grabit's reply above. The link he supplied takes you to a chinese forum and there's a link there for a chinese application called 'VROOT'. So I installed that (it's all in Chinese! BTW) and running the application you get a blue window with some buttons in chinese. With my X9 plugged in (with a known good data cable) it detected it and came up 'X9' on the application. Clicking the green button that said 'ROOT' it progressed (again all in chinese) and then a few seconds later came up with a reasurring tick symbol with 'X9 Root' displayed. The phone then automatically rebooted and on startup in had a new superuser app which all worked ok. I could then install mobileuncle tools, installed clockwork mod and then flashed the W100 port with no issues.
    So it seems the chinese 'VROOT' app does a good quick, easy job of rooting an X9. Here's a direct link to the app -
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  9. Hurders added a post in a topic Xiaocai X9 - Updated. Root info. Benchmarks etc.   

    I've ordered a couple of ebay, looks to be the same thing from (probably) the same seller.
    Be interested to know how you're finding tillaz ROM?, should be getting my X9 either tomorrow or Fri and planning to either flash the W100 port or tillaz ROM, any bugs so far?
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  10. Hurders added a post in a topic Xiaocai X9 - Updated. Root info. Benchmarks etc.   

    I just bought an X9 and will be looking at getting a screen protector and possibly a case, I've found a screen protector on ebay for £1.46 but it ships from China. I assume there are no UK sellers offering screen protectors or cases for the X9?
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  11. Hurders added a post in a topic [OFFTOPIC] China Phone Discussion - UPDATED 30/10/2013   

    What do people reckon as to typical shipping estimations in terms of days from China at the moment? I understand there's a bit of an issue with shipping items with batteries?
    I'm waiting on a W100 bought on ebay for a very decent price but shipped from China. I'm also looking at getting another Chinese phone for another member of the family or maybe getting something better for me and they can have the W100 when it gets here! but I'm not sure whether to pay a bit more a get it from a UK seller on ebay? Although I don't nind waiting a bit for delivery from China, also how often are people getting stung by the customs tax these days?
    Phones I'm considering are those with the MTK6582M chip in like the Zopo ZP820 or the W100S, they seem to benchmark a bit higher than the MTK6589 equivalents, any thoughts?
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  12. Hurders added a post in a topic [ICS] [CM9] [4.0.4] ColdFusionX for the ZTE Blade [ROM] [UPDATED - 28/06]   

    I asked this just before the last updates but didn't get a response, sorry if it's been asked before.

    Wifi doesn't come back on when you choose the option to 'keep wifi on during sleep' set to 'never'. When the phone comes out of sleep it doesn't properly reanble the wifi, it says wifi is on but it doesn't scan for a connection (the connection list just shows any old saved networks but doesn't even connect to them if in range). Wifi works ok again if you toggle it off and on.
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  13. Hurders added a post in a topic [ICS] [CM9] [4.0.4] ColdFusionX for the ZTE Blade [ROM] [UPDATED - 28/06]   

    Apologies if this has been mentioned/brought up before but I have an issue with wifi not reconnecting after sleep if I set the option to turn off the wifi when the phone is sleeping. After coming out of sleep, if I go into the settings it says wifi is on but just lists the saved networks with 'not in range' next to them so I guess it's not properly firing the wifi back up and rescanning for connectivity. If I turn the wifi off and on it reconnects to my saved network no problem. Seems to do this every time.

    Any one else have this issue?
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  14. Hurders added a post in a topic HW acceleration,stage fright,compcache,oom allocation etc etc   

    I asked a question regarding 3d performance in the GSF thread but didn't get a response so I'll post it here hoping that someone may be able to answer it:

    I'm am wondering what makes the 3d performance better in the CM7 roms than the GSF roms? I was using GSF for a while and loved it but found the 3d performance to be noticeably worse than CM7 which is why I moved back to that rom. I use fruit ninja as an example as its very noticeable when you swipe to chop the fruit, in GSF there is a lag/stutter at every swipe, on CM7 its nice a smooth with no slowdowns (this is without overclocking too so should be a fair comparison). You can notice the performance difference between GSF and CM7 on many different other apps too.

    I understand that the roms use different kernals but I'm curious as to what gives CM7 that extra boost in 3D performance, and could it be implemented in to GSF?
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  15. Hurders added a post in a topic [ROM][GEN2]CyanogenMod 7 (Android 2.3.7)   

    Has anyone got to the bottom of the LED notification light staying on. Granted it's not a major issue but it's an annoyance. Seems to be entirely random. Mostly the LED notification will work as it should but occasionally it will get stuck on (solid green) even after the notification is cleared. Once it's stuck on it seems the only way to get it to turn off is to plug the charge in briefly (turning the LED red) and then unplugging it. As I say, the LED works as it should most of the time, totally random that it occasionally stays on. I'm on N25 by the way but have noticed the issue in a few other nightlies.
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