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  1. can anyone help me get the phone to work as a modem for my computer I have the tether program running on my cyanogen 7.1.0 and the tether program running on my computer (win 7x64) but all i get is "checking phone status" repeating in the window on the computer screen and checking the connetion says unable to resolve DNS or something like that?
  2. hello, wondering if anyone can help me with the USB tether, I have the tether program running on my phone (cyanogen 7.1.0) and the tether program running on my computer (win 7x64) but all i seem to get is multiple "CHECKING PHONE STATUS" in the box if i check the connection on my puter it reports unable to resolve DNS or something to that effect, can anyone make any suggestions?
  3. i think i may be having the same problem, recently my phone wont connect to my puter, im using cyanogen mod 7.1.0 and both win xp and win 7x64 and ive tried manually pointing to the drivers but still wont recognise device, it used to work? is it my phone? as when i used to plug in usb cable the phone would go to the debugging screen and turning storage on, but now only charging
  4. as you may have read in a previous post i brought a Kingston 16 Gb class 6 and the music and pics on it worked fine but some of the 250meg video files didnt work properly (it would delete them) i just got a PNY 16gb class 2 and have put all the same files on and it appears to work fine (some of my large pics take a while to load from the gallery though, 6mg+)
  5. I feel like a bit of an idiot, the kingston 16gb SD card i brought from ebay is either faulty or fake, (probably the latter!) the music and pics i put on it work fine, but when i put video files on it, some of them get corrupted and hence phone wont recognise them i put the same video files on the 2 Gb card that came with the phone and they work fine!
  6. Am i being a spaz here or is something else wrong? i have tried the super converter using the default specs suggested and i cannot get my phone to even see the MP4 file on the SD card let alone play it? ive tried through the filer and the mvideo player do i need to rename the file or put it in a special folder? i tried inside a folder and outside still nothing? strangely though, when i plug the SD back into my computer the file is gone? Any help would be appreciated