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  1. Goodbye to all! I've got a new phone (nexus 5), so i open this topics to say thanks to all the devs and users of this forum, GREAT JOB!!! It 'been a pleasure to test the beautiful and very good rom, thanks to all!
  2. Wow thanks! I immediately installed it, i love this animation! Great Work! ;-)
  3. How fast is it on A? it's usable as a daily rom?
  4. How fast is it on A? it's usable as a daily rom?
  5. How fast is it on A? it's usable as a daily rom?
  6. I agree with Diljeet ;-)
  7. Wow, this would be great! Thanks ;-)
  8. It's usable as a daily rom with A1?
  9. Mee too waiting for the A1 Rom!! :-D thanks for your work! :-D
  10. Awesome patch!! great work! :) :D
  11. Thanks for the rom Master_T!! it's very smooth, quick and stable!... The only thing to work is the battery drain... but for the rest very good rom!
  12. Thank you very much! ;-)
  13. The download link is broken.. Can someone please reupload the ROM?
  14. Thanks, today I flashed CM7.2 of youpi666..if the battery life is good I think I will keep it. ;-)
  15. Hi, I started this topic hoping to get an answer :-P ... What do you think is the best rom for our device? (battery Life, stability..) Now I have a CM7.2 Final's a good ROM, but the battery consumption is a bit high. I'v tried MIUI Final, Best battery duration but not very stable and fast... The CM9 it's a little slow... what rom do you use? Thanks in advance for your answers ;-) (sorry for my bad english :-P )

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