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  1. Goodbye to all!    I've got a new phone (nexus 5), so i open this topics to say thanks to all the devs and users of this forum, GREAT JOB!!!    It 'been a pleasure to test the beautiful and very good rom, thanks to all!    
  2. Wow thanks! I immediately installed it, i love this animation! Great Work! ;-)
  3. How fast is it on A? it's usable as a daily rom?
  4. How fast is it on A? it's usable as a daily rom?
  5. How fast is it on A? it's usable as a daily rom?
  6. I agree with Diljeet ;-)
  7. Wow, this would be great! Thanks ;-)
  8. Mee too waiting for the A1 Rom!! :-D thanks for your work! :-D
  9. Awesome patch!! great work! :) :D
  10. [CM 7.2] CM7 Remix - V4c

    Thanks for the rom Master_T!! it's very smooth, quick and stable!... The only thing to work is the battery drain... but for the rest very good rom!
  11. The download link is broken.. Can someone please reupload the ROM?
  12. Thanks, today I flashed CM7.2 of youpi666..if the battery life is good I think I will keep it. ;-)
  13. Hi, I started this topic hoping to get an answer :-P ... What do you think is the best rom for our device? (battery Life, stability..) Now I have a CM7.2 Final's a good ROM, but the battery consumption is a bit high. I'v tried MIUI Final, Best battery duration but not very stable and fast... The CM9 it's a little slow... what rom do you use? Thanks in advance for your answers ;-) (sorry for my bad english :-P )

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