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  1. I've not rooted or (obviously) tried Xposed on this phone so don't shout at me:) If you've got the R/W protected system versions of the phone I thought the build.prop changes didn't stick? Or did I get that wrong?
  2. Is that different from (say) the Turkish full rom, besides Spanish apps?
  3. You can get it unlocked from ebay if necessary for a couple of quid. is confirmed to work and very quick & reliable from many on here.
  4. Proximity Sensor

    As far as I can see, basic proximity sensors return the figures you quote (0 - near, 5 - far). What makes you think you can change that in build.prop?
  5. Problems after unlocking

  6. Kingroot app stuck at verifying root staus

    You forgot to mention the dodgy practises of Kingroot. has links to various sites to remove suspect bits after the fact such as: You will probably need this too:
  7. Vodafone Smart Ultra 6 - Compass & GLONASS

    Glonass is definitely supported and was confirmed in the post immediately before yours. I downloaded an app last night and can confirm it works.
  8. I wouldn't worry about it Jim, I've just tried 3 different smartphones I've got lying around and only 1 of them brought up the shut down options (and that was a version of CyanMod). None of them would alter the volume without unlocking first, he will always find something to whinge about, best to ignore.
  9. Stock SU6 has stopped ringing

    Is your cars Bluetooth built in or an add-on, if it's an add-on can you try a different make? Perhaps a friends or family member? That'll let you know if it's the phone or your cars Bluetooth that's causing it.
  10. Stock SU6 has stopped ringing

    Can't say I've tried Bluetooth but I mute it for work and at night and never had a problem so I'm guessing it's down to the Bluetooth. Beyond that I can't help bud.
  11. Stock SU6 has stopped ringing

    The 2 phone apps showing is normal (for the SU6 anyway), just try a restart as suggested.
  12. Not tried it yet myself but I can't see how it can be slower.   Can you detail all of these errors? They can't fix anything if you don't tell them what problems you're having.
  13. I wasn't going to root but you may have changed my mind with this bud, good job.   That said the twrp 5.1.1 link appears to be dead.   For anyone else trying to download, make sure you haven't got a pop-up blocker enabled. It stopped me from initially getting it.
  14. Stock UK 4.1.1 recovery image needed

    I've got him down as last visiting on the 30th of December, did you check my profile instead? 
  15. Stock UK 4.1.1 recovery image needed

    I wonder why he never came back, is he a little  perhaps?

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