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  1. I was already on the Turkish rom and updated OTA and I think it was circa 850MB in size, it also didn't install/reinstall any of the original (or new )bloatware that I'd already removed or disabled which was a pleasant surprise.
  2. Pretty sure that's what they're saying. You're going to either have to remove some of the big downloads (games probably) or do a factory reset which will remove everything.
  3. No, it's really not.
  4. Maybe start it up in recovery and clear dalvik cache, perhaps even a factory reset if that doesn't work.
  5. Not at all, seems to be exactly the same for me although I've not done any particular tests. I was using Holo launcher which got rid of the occasional little micro stutter when using JB stock launcher but I've reverted back to stock with MM. It's silky smooth.
  6. If anyone has the issue where your wallpaper folders are duplicated then the easiest (possibly only) option is to connect to your PC and move everything to the computer and then drag them back. I also had an issue where power toggles were working but not updating their own icons. I had to remove it from the screen and set it up again, the built in settings toggle doesn't seem to work at all as I just get a blank black background.
  7. Unless someone's snagged it you can't right now, eventually it'll be on here: I'd just leave it plugged in on WiFi and let it it finish.
  8. Yeah, it took awhile for me.
  9. Yep, I can choose storage location on the Turkish rom.
  10. Cheers, I'll install the Turkish one then and see if it's still there. I've already downloaded it, do you know if there's somewhere on the phone I can grab the zip first?
  11. If anyone has the UK MM ROM, does it have the Dolby Atmos app in it?
  12. I'm in the UK but using the Turkish ROM (for the Dolby app), I'm downloading the update as I write. I didn't get a notification but then I'm fairly certain that I turned that bit off.
  13. I'm in the UK but using the Turkish ROM for the Dolby app but haven't got an update yet, I wouldn't worry about it just yet.
  14. It's normal to roll out updates in a staged fashion rather than all at once, just be patient, you've waited this long a day or two won't make any difference.
  15. You realise that changing it to 64bit will make not one iota of difference in day to day running? And as far as I can see, ever single rom on ZTE's site is 5.1 with the latest security patch probably rolled into it.

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