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  1. Preferred install location

    I updated an Amazon Underground game and got the dialogue up the other day and it made me revisit the topic. I've found this online which may answer your question: Although it talks about setting the SD Card as the default destination it also shows the reverse, I've not tried it myself btw, let us know if you try it and it works.
  2. Smart Ultra & Pro *7* are on the horizon

    The Smart Prime 7 is pretty low rent and spec though at £75. Read my post above yours for the Smart Ultra 7 prices.
  3. Smart Ultra & Pro *7* are on the horizon

    I can't see any release date but you can pre-order the Smart Ultra 7 at ₺899 (£209 rounded up), the normal price is listed as ₺1099 (£255 rounded up), no price for the Pro version (whatever that may be). All phones get replaced but these are aimed at a higher price bracket so they're not a direct replacement, more an augmentation of their product line. I can't decide if they're good news or bad news as regards Marshmallow for ours, I suppose a convincing argument could be made either way.
  4. UNOFFICIAL.BETA.cm12.1 for vodafone smart ultra

    Good job @gitanillo87, I'm considering rooting this phone for the first time and installing this. I'll maybe hold fire and wait for the full 1st release to see if any deal breaker bugs come up but kudos for doing it.
  5. Preferred install location

    Yeah, got an SD card in bud. I've also got the 'move to SD card' option for apps in settings>apps (which works as I tested it). I just installed a random game to make sure I'm not delusional and no option popped up (besides permissions), I then moved it manually to the SD card. I had a look in settings but can't see anything obvious to change. From some of the posts and comments on here and XDA I swear my SU6 is different to a lot of the posters phones.
  6. [Recovery] TWRP 3.0.2-0

    Of course not, you're asking a forum of users when/if Marshmallow is coming. Vodafone don't monitor and reply to forum questions.
  7. [Recovery] TWRP 3.0.2-0

    Next week.
  8. Preferred install location

    Do you get that on all installs from the Playstore? If so you've changed something because mine doesn't ask.
  9. Is the SU6 dieing a death?

    Mine still works perfectly ;)
  10. [Recovery] TWRP 3.0.2-0

    It is coming. No, I'm not ITK, but it is coming.
  11. It may be that the phone's not reading the sim rather than being down to the rom, try a layer of two of tape on the back of the sim to make sure it's making physical contact. That has been reported by a couple of people on here.
  12. puk code

    There is a 'Sim Card Lock' feature within Settings>Security but I'm reluctant to go any further than that just in case. The PUK is related to the SIM itself however so why your phone seems to think it's set and other phones don't is peculiar. Edit: maybe something you've already tried but there's some decent sounding suggestions here:
  13. Ahh, guess you learn something new every day ;)
  14. Resurrection Remix 5.5.9

    Sorry, I should have said Recovery, not Bootloader (I'm presuming they are different?). That's definitely changed from VDF-995NB01-UK_MRO1d to VDF-995NB02-DE01b.
  15. Resurrection Remix 5.5.9

    I'm guessing that since I've updated to the new Bluetooth bug fix with the new bootloader included it won't allow me to use any custom rom since they're all based on the old stock rom's? You can't even use the stock rom's now if I'm understanding correctly?

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