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  1. It may be that the phone's not reading the sim rather than being down to the rom, try a layer of two of tape on the back of the sim to make sure it's making physical contact. That has been reported by a couple of people on here.
  2. puk code

    There is a 'Sim Card Lock' feature within Settings>Security but I'm reluctant to go any further than that just in case. The PUK is related to the SIM itself however so why your phone seems to think it's set and other phones don't is peculiar. Edit: maybe something you've already tried but there's some decent sounding suggestions here:
  3. Ahh, guess you learn something new every day ;)
  4. Resurrection Remix 5.5.9

    Sorry, I should have said Recovery, not Bootloader (I'm presuming they are different?). That's definitelychanged fromVDF-995NB01-UK_MRO1d toVDF-995NB02-DE01b.
  5. Resurrection Remix 5.5.9

    I'm guessing that since I've updated to the new Bluetooth bug fix with the new bootloader included it won't allow me to use any custom rom since they're all based on the old stock rom's? You can't even use the stock rom's now if I'm understanding correctly?
  6. Sorry, as KonstaT mentions previously you've got the updated bootloader (as have I now I've updated) so the UK & DE bits seem to be immaterial. If you can get one of the new updates that KonstaT has posted you can try to install it manually again. It shouldn't matter which one you use as long as it's the new Bluetooth bug fix one with the newbootloader.
  7. That's looking like a visit to the Vodafone shop to me I'm afraid.
  8. Yours saysVDF-995NB02-DE01b, mine isVDF-995NB01-UK_MRO1d although I installed the Turkish rom. I'm UK based BTW and bought it off Amazon UK so presumably it's as indicated, a UK SU6. Yours appears to be German which is perhaps why it threw a wobbler in the OTA update. Can I ask where you got your from? Silly question perhaps (we have had someone trying to put a SU6rom on a Smart Prime 6 on here) but is it a Vodafone Smart Ultra 6 phone?
  9. Working Smart ultra 6 unlock

    No Vodafone specific apps are going to work with non-Vodafone sims, that should be obvious really. As for the Giffgaff sim someone had the same problem recently and someone else posted the solution which is to put a layer or three (whatever is needed) of tape on the back of the Sim. It seems that it's not touching the contacts. His was Giffgaff too from memory although I've had no problems with mine.
  10. I've no idea if it's significant but in recovery mine says VDF-995NB01-UK_MRO1d. Is yours German?
  11. FAQ about the Smart Ultra 6

    It's unlocked to any carrier for ever more.
  12. Hellp with restoring my phone to stock

    That should do it I think.
  13. unable to root verizon samsung galaxy s5

    That seems to be a dodgy Chinese root tool, I'd be careful of using it for anyone tempted.
  14. That seems to be a dodgy Chinese root tool, I'd be careful of using it for anyone tempted.
  15. Battery not charging fully! :(

    He's a well known troll, he's done exactly the same on other forums with different phones over the years. You'll find that he keeps coming back telling everybody what a crap phone it is and how we've all wasted our money. He usually claims to have sold his on for a profit since he's so much smarter than us dumbo's. Pathetic little man. Just do what I do and put him on ignore, although annoyingly you get to see his rantings if someone else quotes him.

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