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  1. The N8 is now on the UK website @ £85, at least it's starting off with Nougat (that said the ultra 6 was supposed to have 6.0 at launch).
  2. Settings>Language & Input>Android Keyboard>Languages, uncheck 'Use system language'
  3. Don't get me wrong, I have no doubt that it affects some people but idiots like him who are purely trolling Vodafone staff (even if he has a genuine problem) won't help. They're not going to throw resources at it just to appease him. That said only they know how many people have reported it. The reviews on the Soundabout app are interesting (if mixed) to say the least.
  4. Yep, they've just passed the info on for testing. Since most of that thread is from the idiot fredquimby I wouldn't hold out much hope of a resolution either as it seems very random and not as widespread as he'd like everyone to assume.
  6. Strange, I just updated OTA over the previous Turkish 5.11 with no factory reset or clearing caches and I have no problems. I'm not using Soundabout btw (or anything else that may affect it). I've not had time to faff about with the WiFi hotspot yet.
  7. That shouldn't make any difference I'd have thought as 2 out the 3 phones I've tried have detachable (aux) cables, as I said I can also connect to my car stereo. I haven't got a 3.5mm input on our soundbar but I think the sons does, I'll try it later.
  8. I've just tried 3 different three-conductor 3.5 mm leads, one with my Sound Magic in-ear phones, one to connect to the car stereo and one (long cable) with my Noontec over-ear head phones usually connected to the PC. I also used a four-conductor 3.5 mm in-ear phones (captive cable) that I think came with the phone. All worked perfectly, I'm on the Turkish ROM with the Dolby App if that makes any odds. Have you tried ?
  9. I can't see how only some people can have 'battery issues' so I'll have presume they're just seeing things that aren't actually there. I've just tried all 3 of my aux cables and they all work as normal. I've never used WiFi hotspot but I've seen other phones have had problems with MM so that's probably the only problem that's actually real. I'm just charging up my old OSF phone and I'll have a play around with it to see how it works. Edit: scratch the OSF, the touch screen is refusing to work despite factory resets, my OSD died when the battery self destructed and forced the back off when it expanded. /sigh
  10. What complaints?
  11. It was definitely there earlier, wonder why they've removed it?
  12. No, it's really not.
  13. Stock Camera, Open Camera & WhatsApp :-
  14. Just checked WhatsApp and it's there as well (bottom right), not sure how you're managing that. Maybe restart the phone first off. I'm on the Turkish rom although I'll be surprised if that's the issue. Edit: I'm just updating WhatsApp (first time since the upgrade) so I'll come back when it's finished to make sure it's not an issue with the updated app. 2nd Edit: Nope, still there.

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