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  1. Mouli

    MoDaCo Mobile Week ON AIR 1 (and 2 coming up)

    I'd like to win the Google play gift card :-)
  2. Mouli

    MoDaCo Mobile Week 57 - We're ON AIR!

    Oops..I might have commented on the wrong post!
  3. Mouli

    MoDaCo Mobile Week 57 - We're ON AIR!

    I would like to win the Google play gift card. I am surprised that I am the first one to comment!!
  4. Followed the exact procedure but can't seem to get S2E to work :( Really liked the ROM, but had to go back to a GB rom because of this problem. Please help.
  5. Thanks OP. The right side of my phone was not responding to touch. Used the guide to replace the digitizer on my phone. Good news is the new digitizer seems to have fixed the touch issues. Bad news is that I didn't manage to fit the phone back together properly. There are very visible gaps now. I will probably need to take the phone apart again to try and fix it. At least I know the screen itself isn't the problem :)
  6. Mouli

    xbmc (media center) on Vega!

    which rom are you on? I can't seem to get it to run on honeyice. Just keeps crashing
  7. Truly amazing, I have it installed on my spare blade. Can't wait for this rom to reach the daily driver status. A big thanks to all the devs involved.
  8. Mouli

    VegaComb Test43-RC3

    They have been mentioned as not working in the original post.
  9. Mouli

    VegaComb Test43-RC3

    Not yet. But will give them a try after I get home. Thanks for the tip.
  10. Mouli

    VegaComb Test43-RC3

    Brightness has been the big problem for me. My screen starts to flicker at high brightness. I knew that from the beginning but didn't want to return my vega as the developers were working at an amazing pace :) The brightness seems to be set to high by default in this rom and there is no way of changing it. This causes my screen to flicker constantly making the rom unusable as of now. It would be great if the brightness control was restored. Thanks.
  11. Also forgot to say...got the launcher force close on boot...hope all goes well the second time round
  12. Had the same problem myself. Rebooted thrice...no change. Tried going to corvus5 and was caught in a boot loop. Flashing stock now. Do you think downloading the rom again would help? Can't wait to see 1.5 in action.. Thanks guys...
  13. The rate at which you are going this could possibly be Beta by the evening :unsure: Thank you very much guys :)
  14. I wish I could get away from work early...Can't wait to try the new rom :)