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  1. WiFi not working just keeps trying to acquire ip address and thats it. Anyone else had this issue? Thanks
  2. Interesting ROM but even in English mode still find Chinese in status bar and other locations. I will wait for further development.
  3. I can confirm the same issue. With the use of 3G, battery drains faster than previous release.
  4. One of the things I've noticed is that since 8 am when I plugged out the blade from charge it went from 100% to 86% battery at this moment. Just received 1 call and have checked my email and 3 webpages. Dont remember if it was the same on last version but will keep an eye on it. (Maybe it's just me) Overall seems everything ok as usual... Like the ICS Launcher
  5. Weird, works fine here, camera and video recording.
  6. Take it to the Forum Moderator's or directly to the owner of the thread. The moment you continuously make post's like that I am sorry to say but you are polluting the forum. There's better ways to reclaim your work if it is being taken or not being considered on the notes of the other author. Of course I was being sarcastic when I said you seemed to be jealous If you use the GLP agreement argument I am sorry to say but a lot of ROM's published in this forum and others would be in trouble, and I am sure that some of your sources and inspiration come from threads like that. One of the things user's want is a custom rom that works fine and for that enjoy to thank the one that delivers that same Rom. Saying thanks to someone that had the work to compile it is a nice thing to do and might even encourages that person to continue delivering what we simple user's expect. If you don't like to be thanked for your work it's your privilege and right.
  7. As a simple user and following modaco's forum for a long time, looking at your post's I found very annoying to see someone doing what you are doing, polluting this forum with silly discussions. One that see's this might think you are jealous of fallenangel32. Also I found it hilarious that after your critics you had the need to make changes into your own thread: Credits & gratitude: Thanks to burstlam for his work with the kernel source. Thanks to Tom G for the LED notification and proximity values fix. Thanks to wbaw. I've used some parts of ginger stir fry (few libs, few apks and few other things). Also thanks for the TPT method. Thanks to CyanogenMod Team. This post has been edited by KonstaT: Yesterday, 10:47 AM Why don't you use your time spent on making this critics to continue developing your Rom instead of polluting this thread with nonsense critics? If you have any problems with this thread, take it to the Forum Moderator's but Please Stop annoying us, users of modaco's forum with this.
  8. Besides of some glitches it may occur I would like to take this opportunity to thank not only Fallenangel32 for an excellent job well done but also the guys that contributed to the making of these Rom's. One of the things that characterize a great work is when the "manufacture" hear is "customers" and for me the simple detail of providing the older market for it's ROM is truly fantastic. Yet to try the 2.4 version but the download is done so its up to me now but it has been a joy seeing my Blade up for 2 days in a row with intensive usage something that I was yet to encounter in other Roms. Great work you guys!!!
  9. I have deleted the new market and the update apk from your ROM and installed the older version but keep getting FC's. I would prefer the older version yes if that's possible, if not, cool... Cheers
  10. LOL This is why I enjoy Android, not only you get more options for the operative system of your phone but you can also get a laught from some idiots. Now getting to business... @Fallenangel one question. Older version of Vending.apk get's FC's on Both MIUI and Meego. Is there a way to implement it? Just because it's lighter and faster than the new version of market. Cheers
  11. Not present on the Blade Mix 2.3 Meego Edition Better Flashing Cheers
  12. May someone tell me the name of the actual App Hawaii Backup mentioned by Fallenangel32? Searching it for removal but can't seem to find it... Only then will test the Rom. Cheers
  13. Concerning the Backup contacts,mail,sms,logs ect... allow me to share with you two of the indispensable apps that I always install on my phone even if it is off-topic: CallTrack https://market.android.com/details?id=app.calltrack CallTrack logs your phone activity to your Google Calendar. You can select the type of calls to log (incoming, outgoing, and missed) and the calendar to log them in. You can also dump your current call log to your calendar. BackUp to Gmail https://market.android.com/details?id=net.cpedia.backup2gmail&feature=search_result Backup to Gmail can help you to backup SMS, MMS and Call log to Gmail labels automatically. The main difference concerning Call log in this app with CallTrack, is that Backup to Gmail will create a new Label in your gmail account and store the call log like it was a SMS. With CallTrack you see those calls registered in the Calender and easily check them.
  14. I do have to say that this is until now the ROM that combines 3 factors (for me): Speed Battery durability (48h with normal usage incoming calls, outgoing calls, WiFi and 3G) No FC's Will be looking closely for the next development. Cheers