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  1. [ROM] Atomic ICS v4 (Update 20/09/2013)

    Can i do this with my rom? and how?
  2. [ROM] Atomic ICS v4 (Update 20/09/2013)

    Hi, i'm Corasaaa. What improvement have you done in ram management? Can you explain me?
  3. [CM9.0] Repack&Port! By Corasaaa

    What is it? can you explane? Thanks! ;)
  4. [CM9.0] Repack&Port! By Corasaaa

    You are right. HTC HD2 has470mb of RAM ;)
  5. [CM9.0] Repack&Port! By Corasaaa

    Hi all Guys! :) I'm still working on this rom, don't ask for an ETA. REPORT BUGS WITH LOGCAT. Thanks!
  6. [CM9.0] Repack&Port! By Corasaaa

    Thanks!! :)
  7. [CM9.0] Repack&Port! By Corasaaa

    Uop! Sorry! http://www.mediafire.com/?6wvw1g4cowc30bd
  8. [ROM][DEV] Dario93's CM9 test builds! [21/03/2013]

    @All: Please don't ask for an ETA!
  9. [CM9.0] Repack&Port! By Corasaaa

    HTCHD2 ROM... I don't know what about GNext....
  10. [CM9.0] Repack&Port! By Corasaaa

    In my opinion is faster! But if you dont believe me TEST IT YOURSELF ;)
  11. [CM9.0] Repack&Port! By Corasaaa

    I'm the creator of this ROM...
  12. [MOD] Jelly Bean Style for CM7.2 v2.8

    You must chage "circle" in lockscreen features. ITA: Devi mettere lo sblocco a cerchi, almeno così ho letto sul sito russo 4PDA. L'immagine non la so xD
  13. [MOD] Jelly Bean Style for CM7.2 v2.8

    Thanks man! ;) How can i download it?