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  1. AVG is picking up sentscsi.exe as a Tr0jan virus when I download the ADB drivers from dc-unloocker..
  2. Sent PM... would prefer to keep it as a spare but it's going back anyway (already have an RMA) once my replacement one is up and running again.
  3. Just had my bricked phone back from Huawei UK under warranty (5 working days) ... it had been rooted and running custom Stock+ Rom B960 R6 + Cyda so can confirm no problems with returned rooted/custom rom phones. As the phone had already died suddenly a couple of weeks ago I didn't know what memory it was. They state they have had to replace the main circuit board and hence I have a new IMEI number.SD Insight says its now Samsung memory SJS00m (apr 1997) haven't tried terminal emulator. Fortunately it looks like it's unlocked ( I use T-Mobile) but it's back installed with Vodafone bloatware B960 but I'll have no doubt have to unroot it again to reinstall my back-ups.... (Off topic request)..... before I reinstall my rom.... I've lost touch with the best Roms..... any ideas please on a good replacement for Stock+ Rom B960 R6 + Cyda which apart from the constant annoying 3G reboot issues was a good Rom??. My other G300 which is Hynix which isn't bricked yet but is giving me dialling failures will go back soon as I already have an RMA for warranty repair... unless I donate it (see above post).
  4. Will do.... I was told 5 - 10 days for RMA warranty repair.. but that may be a little optimistic if they are getting shed loads returned!
  5. My main G300 died completely 2 days ago so I can't check it. I have a spare G300 that I tried to use to replace it but it is only dialing in or out when it feels like it so I suspect it is dying. Data and SMS are strangley OK. Both running Stock+ Rom B960 R6 Cyda - the former on that rom sucessfully for 6 months + Both were bought at the same time (Oct 12 from Very & Isme) The one that is playing up and not quite dead is - Hynix 06/12 Got warranty RMA from Huawei UK today for the pair of them hopefully for replacement or repair.
  6. I just followed section 3 of this thread (thanks to timethrow and others) without any problems to root on OTA Vodafone B952 ICS, Section 3: Rooting, CWModing and Unlocking your bootloader on any ICS firmware. This method will root your device as well as install CWM and unlock the bootloader http://www.modaco.co...with-downloads/ I used this toolkit from the thread. "Ice Cream Sandwich (Upgrade and Downgrade) Toolkit (v1.0.6b - 19092012): Click here to download the zip file."
  7. Ditto.... It's very good quality and very similar to the Nilkin case. I had a Nilkin for my ZTE Blade but these are much better value for money.
  8. kar999

    Amazon drops Kindle Fire to £99 / £109

    Carphone Warehouse, John Lewis (2 year Warranty) and Currys/PC World are all still price matching (or beating the Amazon deal). I reserved and collected one, including a case for a net total £90 from Currys on Friday (including 5.05% Top Cashback plus their £10 in store case discount). The deal is still on but the cheapest case has now gone up from £4.99 to £9.99. http://www.currys.co...326923-pdt.html
  9. Just downloaded the B936f OTA a couple of hours ago.. I had reverted back to Gingerbread but I can only see the phone on my XP PC with ICS installed. With gingerbread i just get an inaccessible cd drive. no matter what drivers I install and I've wasted hours trying to solve it to no avail. Planning on upgrading to Infusion since I can now see the G300's files on my PC.
  10. Am I right in assuming this B936f ICS is the same as the NZ version but with all extra UK Vodafone bloatware? I upgraded the other day and posted that I wanted to find the easiest way to get rid of the bloatware. I beleive I can root the phone and blackllist certain apps but instead can I still install the official NZ version? If so, a link to the right thread would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance... BTW I was going to bit the bullet and install Infusion as I am quite comfortable with rooting etc. having installed Swedish Spring on my ZTE blade but I couldnt get any drivers to work with my XP PC before I downloaded the official OTA upgrade to B936f. (I can now see the phone no problem post upgrade.)......
  11. At least I can see and access the phones files on my XP PC now! I wonder if I root the phone it will it disappear again as prior to the OTA I tried dozens of usb driver files and only HiSuite would detect the phone.. Q. What's the best way to just get rid of the Vodafone bloatware please? Delete the apps or root and install a custom rom? BTW - similar to other posts* http://www.modaco.co...40#entry2046553 it said it was downloading & updating to B936f but "about phone" build number details show the version as B936
  12. kar999

    Windows driver for the g300?

    Understood ... :-) I can't mess about with new roms without access to a PC. Now where's that vital link..."Google is your friend!"
  13. kar999

    Windows driver for the g300?

    It's a real pain trying to get a driver to work with XP. I've tried loads of drivers from various posts and forums and all I get is CD/DVD drive letter which is no help whatsoever. Suggestions of using a PC with another operating system means I'll have to borrow a mates PC and buying windows 7 isn't a simple cheap quick fix either. The closest I've got to linking my PC to the phone is using Huawei's Hiuite.
  14. kar999

    Protective cases

    Yeppers! :) EDIT: Price now £2.75... ... still good value (but 99p each for my two was even better!!) Couple of photos.
  15. kar999

    Protective cases

    That's the link to the ones I posted above..and they are unbelievable value for money and great quality.