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  1. ZTE Blade III Sim Lock

    Phoned on the Wednesday, unlock code arrived in the post on Monday morning. Can't grumble at that.
  2. ZTE Blade III Sim Lock

    Don't you just love consistent customer service? I just called Virgin, paid my £15.32 and was told the code would be posted to my home address within 7 days. Will find out in around a week I suppose :)
  3. Mobile Broadband on a Budget (or FREE!)

    Perfect, thanks. Just signed up.
  4. Mobile Broadband on a Budget (or FREE!)

    Excellent article, many thanks, should save me some of my hard earned. I'm going to sign up for both Samba and Ovivo, would anyone like to PM me their referral details? Thanks
  5. Hi folks, I too had the bootloader driver issue - brand new phone from Virgin. Followed the above instructions, ie installed the drivers from the phone's own virtual CD-ROM, that got adb working, then after adb reboot bootloader, installed Prestodus fastboot drivers. All worked well and I was able to boot CWM over fastboot to backup the entire phone before I start playing with it :D Many thanks.