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  1. ZTE Blade V - budget quad core phone coming to the UK

    cmberry20 http://www.hotukdeal...y-store-1642317 enjoy the price
  2. i would use the quick boot apk from play store .i use it on all android devices .good luck.
  3. ZTE Blade V - budget quad core phone coming to the UK

    also from here http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/zte-blade-v-quad-core-payg-phone-sale-4th-sep-89-99-virgin-mobile-1646234
  4. ZTE Blade V - budget quad core phone coming to the UK

    well its what you pay for ,you get nothing more .looks a good backup phone .it will be out tomorrow and will be a good seller for the budget buyer.il wait for people to buy it then get it at cash gens as usual lol
  5. check out this site for a tablet http://www.hotukdeals.com/
  6. you should try here you can be more safe with these guys http://www.expansys.com/?ito=GAG2032546359&itc=GAC20545195599&itkw=expansys&itawmt=EXACT&itawnw=search&gclid=CIG34JH6-bYCFQbHtAodQVgA7Q
  7. their is a reason why the first post wasnt updated as ive no longer use a g300. and left it un altered for future users to decide which rom they want to use. i am still about the forum but not that often. glad to see that samsung roms remain the focus of others to add to the post.and enjoy. some are better and some are worse but thats life..anyway thanks to all who keep it going on here.
  8. the early versions 1.6 and 2.1 were the best roms that i used on the g300 when i had it .it is good to see that people are still trying the samsung roms and with many different versions some will be better and some rubbish but thats the fun off testing roms .i havent got g300 anymore but still follow the forum when i can . good luck to all that use the g300.
  9. you could copy a host file from any other rom and paste it in your system,etc folder with root permissions .that way you will have all working. i can send you the file from skype .
  10. the hosts file possibly doing the problem,or your gapps might need to be updated for the g330.
  11. they should work fine.fingers crossed. http://www.ubiquiten...-solution/3517/ this should help hopefully.
  12. go and find the samsung custom rom and it s on the main first post .okay
  13. when i had this problem it was down to the hosts file.and the fix did solve issues with all problems internet related.also wigets and search would work fine .
  14. well done daz on a perfect rom .al the best for the future on the g300 .
  15. there plenty rom about for this g330 at http://www.romzj.com/resources/huawei.html?view=roms&cid=210 so have fun and enjoy when you get one .

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