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  1. KonstaT added a post in a topic [DEV][ROM][1.10.] Sailfish OS for ZTE Open C / Kis 3   

    LOL, even bad English is better than Russian.
    By 'sensor' you mean the touchscreen? Good to hear that ambient light sensor works, though. I just edited the post above why the touchscreen is most likely not working... Just need someone to post a dmesg and I'll make a patch.
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  2. KonstaT added a post in a topic [DEV][ROM][1.10.] Sailfish OS for ZTE Open C / Kis 3   

    But you get past the first hi/hola/hei/etc screen, right? So the touchscreen is working because iirc you need to tap once there? Please try to better describe what exactly happens.
    Just crossed my mind that input devices are not necessarily in the same places on Kis 3 variants as they are in Open C because of the extra sensors. If this is the case, then some tweaking is required for touchscreen and headphones. If someone with Kis 3/Beeline Smart 2/etc could post a dmesg right after booting to e.g. CyanogenMod that would help.
    Edit. Actually you don't need to touch anything to get past the very first screen. Touchscreen is most likely not working on your device because the touchscreen input event node is bumped down because of the als/prox sensor. Please post a dmesg so I can verify where it is. Or if someone wants to play around, try changing this to '/dev/input/event4' (/data/.stowaways/sailfishos/var/lib/environment/compositor/droid-hal-device.conf).
    To grab dmesg, plug in USB and execute on your computer
    adb shell su -c 'dmesg' > dmesg.txtright after booting CM12.1 (or any ROM really).
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  3. KonstaT added a post in a topic [DEV][ROM][1.10.] Sailfish OS for ZTE Open C / Kis 3   

    ??? Sorry, can't understand what you're trying to say here. Make sure you've followed installation instructions to the letter. You could also try removing SIM card from your device just in case.
    And what's with the crazy fonts and colors. Grrr, MoDaCo doesn't even allow removing that from the quotes anymore...
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  4. KonstaT added a post in a topic [Recovery] TWRP   

    You can't flash EU firmware to AS device or vice versa. It's known to permanently brick your device (something with bootloader most likely). It's really a massive fail from ZTE that the stock recovery even allows you to do that (there could be a simple assert that would prevent this)! If you've done this, I'd just return the device under warranty - it's their fault really.
    SP flash tool is for MediaTek devices (this has Qualcomm chipset) and you just can't go flashing random ROMs for some completely random device anyway. That's not how Android works. Stock firmware packages are available at ZTE support site.
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  5. KonstaT added a post in a topic [DEV][ROM][2.7.] CyanogenMod 11 (Android 4.4.4)   

    Yes, buy a better device.
    CyanogenMod comes with a DSP manager that can be used to enhance audio output.
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  6. KonstaT added a post in a topic [DEV][ROM][17.9.] CyanogenMod 10.1 (Android 4.2.2)   

    Use some other Android 4.2 gapps package then! It seems that whole goo.im is dead and buried now.
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  7. KonstaT added a post in a topic [Recovery] TWRP   

    There's md5 checksums for a reason...
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  8. KonstaT added a post in a topic [DEV][ROM][2.8.] CAF Firefox OS - B2G for ZTE Open C / Kis 3   

    And this is something related to this Firefox OS build? It would be interesting to know what all you people losing IMEIs are doing anyway...
    You need to put your device into diag mode to get it recognized by QPST ('setprop sys.usb.config diag,adb').
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  9. KonstaT added a post in a topic [DEV][ROM][1.10.] Sailfish OS for ZTE Open C / Kis 3   

    It takes some time after you've selected the language. Display goes black and then a spinning circle appears after a while (and display goes black after that again before welcome screen appears). Sure you didn't give up too early or your display didn't just time out and switch off (quick tap on the power button)?
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  10. KonstaT added a post in a topic [DEV][ROM][1.10.] Sailfish OS for ZTE Open C / Kis 3   

    There's an app called 'Messwerk' available at Warehouse that can read information from the sensors. I'd appreciate if someone with Kis 3 (or French Open C) could test and verify that you get a proper reading from ambient light/proximity sensor. I can't test that on my device.
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  11. KonstaT added a post in a topic [DEV][ROM][1.10.] Sailfish OS for ZTE Open C / Kis 3   

    How to install:
    boot into ClockWorkModbackup and restore -> backup (create a nandroid backup of your current ROM)mounts and storage -> format /systemwipe data and factory resetinstall cm-12.1-20150520-UNOFFICIAL-KonstaKANG-kis3.zipinstall cm-12.1-sfe-camera-patch-kis3.zipinstall sailfishos-kis3-release- nowif/when recovery asks to fix root - choose noFAQ:
    Frequently Asked Question - SFE devices
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  12. KonstaT added a post in a topic [DEV][ROM][1.10.] Sailfish OS for ZTE Open C / Kis 3   

    1.10. changelog:
    Sailfish OS release
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  13. KonstaT added a topic in General ZTE Discussion   

    [DEV][ROM][1.10.] Sailfish OS for ZTE Open C / Kis 3
    This is my build of Sailfish OS for ZTE Open C / Kis 3 (Beeline Smart2, Moche/MEO Smart A16, ZTE V811W, ZTE V811, Skinny V811, Optus Hop Smart, ZTE Blade M, etc). This is an early alpha build and it's not meant for daily use (or any use really), it's just something for advanced users to play with.
    Important. Prerequisites!!! You need to install Android KitKat on your Open C first (e.g. EU_FFOS+to+Android.zip will do). You also need to have this ClockWorkMod or this TWRP recovery installed.

    Do not mirror my builds! Please post a link to this thread instead.
    cm-12.1-20150520-UNOFFICIAL-KonstaKANG-kis3.zip (yes, you need to use this 'old' CM12.1 build)
    AudioBluetoothCameraDisplayGPSHeadphones (run 'systemctl restart ohmd.service' after each reboot)SensorsSD cardTouchscreenUSB storage (MTP only - choose 'PC connection' mode from settings)VibrateWifiPartially working:
    Audio/video decoding/encoding with gstreamer codecsNot working:
    RIL (mobile network, SMS & data)and more...Issues:
    Display auto-brightness is enabled by default on first boot so display is very dark on devices that don't have an ambient light sensor ('Settings -> System -> Display -> Adjust automatically' to disable)Display brightness setting allows decreasing brightness below 'minimum' which powers off the panel completely (don't do it ;))There is some kind boot time race condition with systemd services and device fails to boot to Sailfish OS sometimes and reboots itself instead (remove battery, wait for stars to align better and try again :P)Sources:
    JollaSailfish OS HADK (Hardware Adaptation Development Kit)sledges, mal- & people at #sailfishos-portersLike my work?
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  14. KonstaT added a post in a topic [DEV][ROM][5.9.] CyanogenMod 12.1 (Android 5.1.1) for ZTE Open C / Kis 3   

    Similar situation just a while back.
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  15. KonstaT added a post in a topic [DEV][ROM][5.9.] CyanogenMod 12.1 (Android 5.1.1) for ZTE Open C / Kis 3   

    No, not yet. There's still few things I'm working on (you can follow progress at Adaptations/libhybris). Currently working on making audio/video playback working with gstreamer codecs. Sailing on uncharted territories there on CM12.1 based ports so it takes some extra effort. Camera after that. RIL will likely stay broken for now unless some magic happens. There's also some timing issues (likely with droid-hal-init) which makes rebooting into Sailfish OS pretty unreliable. Installation will also likely require using adb and running some commands in the shell.
    It's really cool to have a 'real' Linux mobile OS running on your device (even if it's only something to play around with). :)
    No ETAs as usual.
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