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  1. Eh? You've quite clearly installed the freeze fix as you're running kernel I've built (not included in dm-verity patch). If you want to run Remix OS, I'd recommend installing this (http://konstakang.com/devices/chuwi_vi10plus/RemixOS). It's a newer build and I've included fixes for bunch of issues. Follow installation instructions!
  2. There isn't any Cherry Trail device with official Nougat firmware (and never will be). There isn't any device with Realtek wifi/bt with official Nougat firmware. There be would be ton of problems hacking it together with pre-Nougat binary drivers. IMO it's not even worth the effort. You can already run that as much as any other android-x86 based firmware (Remix OS 3.0, etc). Hardly anything will work due to lack of missing device drivers.
  3. I highly doubt that. That only happens with mismatching firmware versions (you end up with wrong kernel modules) and wifi is not the only problem... Install stock firmware from Chuwi (http://forum.chuwi.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=2657) and install the right patch after that. Or you can just install one of the custom ROMs you'll find on my site (http://konstakang.com/devices/chuwi_vi10plus).
  4. IDK, you need test yourself and see what you prefer. There's no signifficant difference in performance but there's always some repercussions hacking together Android versions given device shouldn't be running. msm8909 is in no way old or outdated hardware. Qualcomm has released Nougat BSP for msm8909 so you could even see some msm8909 devices with official Nougat at some point. Thanks, much appreciated. No, of course not. It's a completely different device with completely different hardware.
  5. Yes, it's mentioned in the FAQ...
  6. Why would you use airplane mode? Device doesn't have cellular modem so switching off wifi/bt will do the same thing. On my device battery went from 100%->0% in 24 hours regardless of what I used it for.
  7. You're talking about the Android TV port? You can launch any app from Settings -> Apps -> appname -> Open. Only TV compatible apps create shortcut on the Android TV launcher (that's why there's e.g. special Google Chrome shortcut app included in the ROM). You should be to able change default launcher from Settings -> More settings -> Home.
  8. I highly doubt there will kernel source available for that device. Not going to get a MediaTek device either way. I still might get one of the new Nokia devices as a toy. We'll see how they'll manage with releasing kernel sources and if the devices come with unlockable bootloader.
  9. Settings -> Storage -> Portable storage. Or select explore from the storage notification. Some third party file explorers can access USB storage, some can't. Just select Windows from the dual-boot menu after a regular reboot. Having option to reboot directly from Android to Windows barely saves any time or effort.
  10. Have you encrypted your device? You need to format /data partition in TWRP.
  11. It will probably work though it's not meant for that firmware. You can also flash B2016080801 that is available at Chuwi forum.
  12. Main problem is that device doesn't enter deep sleep mode causing increased battery drain. There are other display and media issues as well due to mismatching kernel/userspace drivers.
  13. LineageOS 14.1 (Android 7.1.1) released. http://konstakang.com/devices/y560/CM14.1

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