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  1. Well, don't - this is not meant for your device! Your device most likely has different wifi/bt hardware (this device doesn't even have bluetooth to begin with).
  2. Already discussed here in several threads. You simply can't unlock bootloader if you've updated to B046.
  3. Not possible because of the module signature check. You need to build both kernel and modules at the same time.
  4. There's no kernel source for Hi12. At least touchscreen and audio won't work so adding a wifi driver is not your biggest problem... Module signature checking is enabled in the kernel (CONFIG_MODULE_SIG) so unsigned/mismatching modules will not load.
  5. CM builds already include Widevine blobs. There's some other reason if your app is not working. Logcat?
  6. I don't see any reason why SELinux disabled would cause any problem with Viper4Android. Quite the opposite - SELinux enforcing can be an issue. Most likely some completely different reason if it's not working. I can't support installations with any third party hacks/tweaks/mods (Xposed, etc) either way.
  7. Hi12 is no longer supported due to lack of kernel source code. You'll have completely different set of issues. You won't have any delay waking from the deep sleep because the device can't enter deep sleep state to begin with... That's nothing what photos look like on my device! There's two 'bars' of distortion on the photos. If you switch to smaller resolution, there isn't any,
  8. Zenfone 2 has Bay Trail chipset - and it's supported thanks to Nexus Player having similar hardware. Sorry to disappoint you but anything android-x86 based will never work like it's supposed to on this device.
  9. Intel platform flash tool and suitable partition table (gpt.bin) is the only correct way to do that.
  10. Did a new build yesterday. http://konstakang.com/devices/chuwi_vi10plus/CM13 -Android security patch level: 1 April 2017 (merged)
  11. Hi12 is no longer supported due to lack of kernel source. You can use CM12.1 or Remix OS.
  12. No if your device's serial number starts with HQ64. There's so many devices and different batches of each device so it's getting difficult for me to keep up. You can use CM12.1 or Remix OS, though.
  13. Follow each step in the instructions. You're not supposed to install any patch for Hi10 Plus. Make sure you've selected the right gapps package.
  14. There shouldn't be any problem AFAIK. Make sure you've followed installation instructions in the third post of this thread.

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