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  1. There's now a I1-TF specific TWRP image available. Use that instead. I don't know if there's any other hardware differences between these devices and Cube hasn't released kernel source for these devices like they should (e.g. wrong kernel and different eMMC hw could be a disaster). Can you confirm that all included apps in CM12.1 work with ro.sf.lcd_density=240 (Email app specifically)? Would you prefer 240 or 224 that Cube was using (IMO standard 240 is what should be used)?
  2. Thanks. It seems that Cube's stock firmware also only includes mdpi drawables where devices with 240 density should have hdpi resources (https://developer.android.com/guide/practices/screens_support.html). They've messed up there. Edit. they also use ro.sf.lcd_density=224. :o I'll add a I1-TF TWRP and CM12.1/Remix OS patches later today.
  3. That helps but only gets us half way. I'd still need the stock boot.img or dump/backup of the original boot partition. That even more important as it has the right kernel for your device.
  4. Yes, many things will look blurry because too small drawables are being stretched out. Also some apps will simply crash if it doesn't include the right size drawables (bundled Email app is one and there was another one, too). Lol, it's just not possible to download 7+ gb from baidu. I'd only need the system.img and boot.img anyway. System/boot from TWRP backup will work, too.
  5. It means that someone needs to build one from source like I have. There's dozens of ways to edit build.prop - Google search is your friend. I don't recommend you editing anything as this ROM is not going to work on your device like it should be. Yes, you'd also need a separate TWRP build for iWork8 Air. I'll look into if I can include hdpi drawables if/when there's a next build and make a patch for I1-TF. I'd need I1-TF stock firmware at least. Is it available for download somewhere? Mediafire works just fine. Use proxy/vpn if it's blocked in your country.
  6. I don't understand what you mean. It enters deep sleep and wakes up just like any other Android device I've had. Yeah, that's what I meant with density. It's still going to look bad when you stretch small mdpi drawables on a higher resolution display. You'd need a separate build that includes bigger hdpi drawables. You should also at least repack boot.img with kernel from I1-TF and not use the I1-TD one. Remix OS sets density in default.prop and you need to split the boot.img to change that.
  7. No. iWork8 Air has display with higher resolution. That means it also needs to use different display density and include higher density drawables in addition kernel changes. That's a little more than I can handle with a simple patch (I1-TD/I1-TWB). I don't know if there's other hardware changes as well. It should be easy enough to do though if I had a device to test it with (same goes for other Cherry Trail tablets, too).
  8. You mean there's no clock in the statusbar when in lockscreen (like in those reports - IMO not an issue)? Because there's one big ass clock widget in the middle of the locksceen that's quite hard to miss. :o CM bugtracker is only meant for officially supported device with M-releases ('stable'). You can use it for reporting issues on unofficial builds. Both those reports are about CM11 (Android 4.4) anyway - this is CM13.
  9. It is not "my" KitKat build. It's official ZTE firmware that I've only mirrored because it's not available in the original source anymore (http://en.comebuy.com/developer-firefox-os-open-c.html). You're supposed to flash EU_FFOS+to+Android.zip with the stock Firefox OS recovery. That's the first and only step to 'convert' your Firefox OS device to an Android device. Everything after that is exactly the same as on Kis 3 (installation instructions on the third post). I haven't said anything about using ZTE Update Tool and I certainly haven't provided any firmware for that. Glad you got it sorted out, but I'm sure you would have gotten there quicker if you'd just read the first three posts of this thread.
  10. People really don't bother reading anything. :( This was just discussed above...
  11. 24.7. changelog: initial release
  12. This is my build of Dees-Troy's Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP) 3.0.2-0 for Nexbox A95X (Amlogic S905) TV box. You need to connect a mouse to your device to use this recovery. Do not mirror my builds! Please post a link to this thread instead. recovery-twrp3020-nexbox_a95x.img http://www.mediafire.com/?7ikp2ot6tm98asy md5:ae69ee66d014d5a1229c747107aaeca2 recovery-twrp-3.0.2-0-nexbox_a95x.zip (TWRP/stock recovery flashable) http://www.mediafire.com/?713gbg5xsqioedd md5:64881a9061fb0149c709d94ce38fac81 This device is rooted out-of-the-box and it has unlocked bootloader. Stock recovery also allows flashing zips that are signed with generic test key. I haven't found a way to use adb when connected with an USB cable. There's no way to boot the device into bootloader to use fastboot either. There's still about a dozen ways to install TWRP - here's a few. Booting from SD card: 1. Download recovery-twrp3020-nexbox_a95x.img and rename it as recovery.img 2. Copy TWRP recovery.img to the root of your external SD card 3. Power down your device 4. Power up your device by pressing (and holding) reset button found in AV port (use a thin non-metal object - e.g. toothpick, plastic straw, etc) 5. Your device will boot into TWRP 6. Use TWRP to install the recovery flashable TWRP zip or use TWRP's 'flash image' option to install the TWRP recovery.img 7. Reboot recovery Using stock recovery: 1. Download recovery-twrp-3.0.2-0-nexbox_a95x.zip and copy it to your external SD card or USB stick 2. Power down your device 3. Power up your device by pressing (and holding) reset button found in AV port (use a thin non-metal object - e.g. toothpick, plastic straw, etc) 4. Select 'apply update from EXT' -> 'update from sdcard/udisk' -> recovery-twrp-3.0.2-0-nexbox_a95x.zip 5. Reboot recovery Using shell: 1. Download recovery-twrp3020-nexbox_a95x.img and rename it as recovery.img 2. Copy TWRP recovery.img to your internal storage, external SD card, or USB stick 3. Open e.g. Terminal Emulator and change into the directory you saved the TWRP recovery.img (/sdcard, /storage/sdcard1, or /storage/udisk0, respectively) 4. Execute following commands su dd if=recovery.img of=/dev/block/recovery 5. Reboot recovery How to install proper root management: 1. Download SuperSU zip and copy it to your device's sdcards or USB stick 2. Boot to TWRP recovery 3. Install SuperSU zip in TWRP How to restore stock recovery: 1. Download zip below and use any of the methods described above 2. Reboot recovery recovery-stock-NEXBOX-A95X-201606282036.zip http://www.mediafire.com/?1vql71fj393f7vl md5:d536cf298d3b578bcab49a33b2f142a3 Sources: Device Like my work? Donation Hall of Fame
  13. Stock Firefox OS is based on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. You need to install EU_FFOS+to+Android.zip so that you have KitKat (Android 4.4) bootloader/modem that are compatible with ROMs posted here (RIL/wifi won't work otherwise). I don't understand what the problem is with the stock 4.4.2 not having Google apps if you were not planning on using it. Just flash CM and gapps (if you want to have Google apps).
  14. ??? This is CM13 (Android 6.0.1). I don't what Android 4.4.2 you're talking about...
  15. Here's a patch for the houdini issue discussed above. Working fine now. cm-12.1-cht_cr_mrd-houdini.zip http://www.mediafire.com/?c3v2r68s59i67qk md5:132a60368e8096a5ce7fcad577b646d1

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