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  1. KonstaT added a post in a topic [DEV][ROM][24.11.] CyanogenMod 13 (Android 6.0) for ZTE Open C / Kis 3   

    Xposed is a problem itself, hardly a solution to anything. :P
    'Doze' is not going to happen. Device needs to have sensor HAL that supports reporting 'significant motion'. It's not that useful for phones anyway. It's designed for devices that you don't carry with you and that you don't necessarily even use every day (e.g. tablets). It needs the device to remain idle for several hours to kick in anyway.
    'App standby' is another new feature and you can manage it under Settings -> Battery -> MENU -> Battery optimization.
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  2. KonstaT added a post in a topic [Recovery] TWRP   

    Not sure, no harm in trying.
    Using stock recovery to install the official 5.1.1 is the only proper update path. Since ZTE has crippled the bootloader (no fastboot) you'll always have to first somehow gain root access in Android to install a custom recovery. Actually it's just another massive fail from ZTE that they didn't patch those known vulnerabilities that you're exploiting to elevate root with this new update...
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  3. KonstaT added a post in a topic [Recovery] TWRP   

    I've built TWRP test images for Turkcell T60 (P839T60) and ZTE Blade S6 Plus (P839F50). I'll PM links if someone wants to test.
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  4. KonstaT added a post in a topic [DEV][ROM][24.11.] CyanogenMod 13 (Android 6.0) for ZTE Open C / Kis 3   

    Edit /system/build.prop and change value of ro.sf.lcd_density. Or wait for the next build, LCD density option was just recently added.
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  5. KonstaT added a post in a topic [Recovery] TWRP   

    smokerman already tested it. It boots, it ships. :P Should be fine now. I guess you need ZTE to release an updated kernel source, too...
    recovery-twrp- (TWRP flashable)
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  6. KonstaT added a post in a topic [Recovery] TWRP   

    Download stock recovery from stock ROMs thread. Extract recovery.img from the zip and copy it to your sdcard. Use dd command from the first post to write it to recovery partition. It really doesn't matter whether it's stock or custom recovery you're flashing (it's just easier to use TWRP to flash the stock recovery since that's possible).
    I did a new build with a prebuilt kernel from the 5.1.1 stock ROM. I'll PM a link if someone wants to test it.
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  7. KonstaT added a post in a topic [DEV][ROM][24.11.] CyanogenMod 13 (Android 6.0) for ZTE Open C / Kis 3   

    So you're talking about C-Apps? I highly doubt those are even supposed to work with CM13 at this point (and there's no reason why you would need to install them anyway).
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  8. KonstaT added a post in a topic [DEV][ROM][24.11.] CyanogenMod 13 (Android 6.0) for ZTE Open C / Kis 3   

    Making and receiving calls works just fine.
    If you have something 'not working', provide a logcat and/or exact steps to reproduce the issue or I can't help you.
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  9. KonstaT added a post in a topic Gen1 or Gen2?   

    Neither, because this is not the 'original' ZTE Blade. ZTE Blade III is a completely different device with completely different hardware.
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  10. KonstaT added a post in a topic [Recovery] TWRP   

    How come? I don't see how this wouldn't work with 5.1.1 unless ZTE has done something stupid again...
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  11. KonstaT added a post in a topic [DEV][ROM][24.11.] CyanogenMod 13 (Android 6.0) for ZTE Open C / Kis 3   

    You can mount /system in recovery and remove what ever you like in command line (TWRP also has a built in file manager). Or you can just remove .apks from the ROM zip before flashing it...
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  12. KonstaT added a post in a topic [DEV][ROM][24.11.] CyanogenMod 13 (Android 6.0) for ZTE Open C / Kis 3   

    Root works just fine. You need to enable it in developer options as always (FAQ, third post).
    CM is migrating from busybox to toybox and there's few things broken in command line because of that (e.g. can't remount /system writable at the moment). Some file manager apps are affected as well, likely other root apps, too.
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  13. KonstaT added a post in a topic [DEV][ROM][24.11.] CyanogenMod 13 (Android 6.0) for ZTE Open C / Kis 3   

    How to install:
    boot into ClockWorkModbackup and restore -> backup (create a nandroid backup of your current ROM)mounts and storage -> format /systemwipe data and factory resetinstall cm-12.1-xxxxxxxx-KonstaKANG-kis3.zipinstall open_gapps-arm-6.0-xxxx-xxxxxxxx.zipreboot nowif/when recovery asks to fix root - choose no 
    Q: I can't find developer options and performance settings, why?
    A: Settings -> About phone -> Click 'Build number' several times
    Q: I don't have reboot options in power menu, why?
    A: Settings -> Developer options -> Advanced reboot
    Q: I have no root, why? What is that hashtag on my status bar?
    A: Settings -> Developer options -> Root access. Root management is now integrated as part of CM's Privacy Guard and you can manage per app permissions under Settings -> Privacy -> Privacy Guard. You'll have a persistent notification in the status bar when you're running an app that uses root permissions.
    Q: When I'm connected with an USB cable to my computer, I can't see my internal sdcard as a storage, why?
    A: I've made an executive decision not to include a mount point for internal sdcard. This is because recent Android versions don't allow setting emulated sdcard as secondary storage. Setting rather small emulated sdcard as a primary storage caused issues with games/apps that want to download large amounts of data to the sdcard. Also partition layout is different on Open C and Kis 3 and internal sdcard is handled differently between device variants.
    Q: 'OK Google' voice command doesn't work, why? There's no Google Now page on the homescreen, why?
    A: These are features of proprietary Google Now Launcher. 'OK Google' voice command is also disabled on low memory devices (you can enable it by removing/commenting/changing to false 'ro.config.low_ram=true' in /system/build.prop).
    Q: There's only a home button on an Open C. How is this going to work?
    A: There's 'hidden' back and menu keys on left and right side of the home button. There's also an option to use software navigation bar instead of the capacitive keys.
    Q: There's an option to enable auto-brightness but it doesn't work, why? Proximity sensor doesn't work either...
    A: Open C doesn't have ambient light/proximity sensor. Some Kis 3 variants on the other hand do, so that's why I've kept the support.
    Q: How do I enable dual-SIM features on my V811W?
    A: Add 'persist.radio.multisim.config=dsds' to /system/build.prop or optionally 'setprop persist.radio.multisim.config dsds' in rooted adb shell/terminal session.
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  14. KonstaT added a post in a topic [DEV][ROM][24.11.] CyanogenMod 13 (Android 6.0) for ZTE Open C / Kis 3   

    Merged commits not mentioned in the changelog.
    24.11. changelog:
    initial relase
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  15. KonstaT added a topic in General ZTE Discussion   

    [DEV][ROM][24.11.] CyanogenMod 13 (Android 6.0) for ZTE Open C / Kis 3
    Here's an early taste of Marshmallow for ZTE Open C / Kis 3 (Beeline Smart2, Moche/MEO Smart A16, ZTE V811W, ZTE V811, Skinny V811, Optus Hop Smart, ZTE Blade M, etc). It is unofficial and unsupported by the CyanogenMod team. It's for advanced users only.
    Important. Prerequisites!!! You need to install Android KitKat on your Open C first (e.g. EU_FFOS+to+Android.zip will do). You also need to have this ClockWorkMod or this TWRP recovery installed.

    Do not mirror my builds! Please post a link to this thread instead.
    Google apps:
    The Open Gapps Project
    RIL (mobile network, SMS & data)WifiAudio (playback/input/routing/headphones/etc)BluetoothCamera (photos, camcorder & panorama)FM radioGPSHardware acceleration and OpenGL renderingHardware video decoding & encodingSD cardUSB-storage (on external sdcard) & adbUSB-tetheringWifi-tetheringTouchscreen/multi-touchSensorsLEDsNot working:
    dual-SIM (V811W) not supportedSELinux is in permissive modeand more...Important!!! If you’re using my open sourced work as a part of your project, be fair and give proper credits, and contribute back by keeping your project open source as well. I've put countless hours of my spare time into this project and I deserve at least this (I'm not getting paid to do this). Free and open source doesn't mean without respect!
    CyanogenMod team & everyone who's been working on CM13Like my work?
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