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  1. Did you install the updated compatibility patch? You always need to use the one that matches the ROM version.
  2. It's not possible with any app or otherwise. Chuwi hasn't released Linux kernel source for Hi12. Prebuilt binary kernel extracted from stock Lollipop firmware doesn't work with Marshmallow userspace proprietary binary drivers.
  3. New Lineage OS 14.1 build. http://konstakang.com/devices/y560/CM14.1 -patch recently disclosed BlueBorne and KRACK vulnerabilities -Android security patch level: 5 October 2017 (merged)
  4. New build. http://konstakang.com/devices/chuwi_vi10plus/CM13 -fix issue with slow wakeup from deep sleep -fix long press on capasitive home key (thanks to yener90) -patch recently disclosed BlueBorne and KRACK vulnerabilities -Android security patch level: 1 October 2017 (merged)
  5. I doubt I'll be releasing CM13.0 builds anymore. I'll probably release a Lineage OS 14.1 build with Blueborne and KRACK patched when I get around (no ETA).
  6. Neither is enabled with stock kernels. CONFIG_IKCONFIG allows you to extract defconfig from a kernel image on disk using extract-ikconfig tool. CONFIG_IKCONFIG_PROC allows you to extract defconfig from a running device (/proc/config.gz). I still can't quite understand what you're trying to achieve in the end. Even if you get the USB ethernet drivers working you're never going to get a fully working kernel for Hi12 from the current kernel source no matter what defconfig you've used (there's no Hi12 specific modifications and hardware drivers because Hi12 kernel source has never been released).
  7. Yes, that is correct. Like I said I've only tested it with Lineage OS 13.0. Small icon appears on status bar when you're using ethernet but IIRC there's no settings or anything. There could be some issue with cm-12.1 as well and one thing to try would be to change the ethernet services in kernel ramdisk as they are in cm-13.0 (this to this = this).
  8. Like I already said, there's no way of knowing what defconfig was used to compile stock kernel (both CONFIG_IKCONFIG and CONFIG_IKCONFIG_PROC are disabled). What exactly are you trying to achieve now? Did you build some kernel with CONFIG_USB_RTL8152 enabled?
  9. Errm, what? You don't need to be able to boot to Android or enable anything to be able to boot to bootloader (just quoted how to do it with a key combination). Most definitely don't go flashing BIOS! Why would you do that?
  10. Flash stock firmware with Intel Platform Flash Tool and reinstall Windows. Stock firmware packages are available at Cube forum (eh, can't find you a link though as they've moved their board around). Here's also another method but use the right stock firmware for your variant (I1-T/I1-TD/I1-TWB/I1-TC) of course. It's practically impossible to 'brick' these Chinese Cherry Trail devices (unless you do a bad BIOS flash). Plus there's still one method to boot to Android bootloader from DX loader.
  11. Please take your Android-x86 (and Remix OS/Phonix OS/Bliss ROM/etc based on that) discussion somewhere else (e.g. open a new thread or something). It has nothing to do with what we're trying to achieve here.
  12. Ask Chuwi to release Linux kernel source for Hi12 as they are obligated by GPLv2. Good luck with that, though.
  13. It doesn't work like that. You don't get fully working kernel for Hi12 from this source no matter what you enabled in defconfig. Required device drivers are just not there. Google search for unpackbootimg/mkbootfs/mkbootimg for splitting/repacking boot.img.
  14. Did you use the Cherry Trail kernel build env I've released and follow instructions there? Kernel built from that source doesn't of course have all the needeed drivers for Hi12 (touchscreen, audio, etc). Hi12 stock kernel likely doesn't have your USB_RTL8152 driver built in as my custom kernels don't have it either.

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