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  1. Reading usually helps. There's a different version for Hi10 Pro HQ64 devices... Serial numbers is what is listed on Chuwi forum (http://forum.chuwi.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=2341) and which stock firmware I've used to extract the kernel from (to get the right touchscreen driver for each production batch with slight hardware changes). HQ64 TWRP is reported working on all(?) HQ64 devices even with serial no. smaller or bigger than the given range.
  2. IIRC Hi10 has at least different wifi/bt hardware (Broadcom vs. Realtek on these Chuwi devices I'm supporting) so it would require a lot more than just a simple compatibility patch.
  3. Serial no = serial number. CM12.1 and Remix OS will work fine on your device.
  4. Reading usually helps first. Then you can ask Chuwi to comply to GPLv2 and release Linux kernel source for their devices.
  5. That is not Android BSP (Board Support Package). That's something for abondoned kylin Brillo (Google's IoT platform before Android Things) developer board. http://rockchip.wikidot.com/kylin Reference kernel for the platform is a good thing but you'll still need device specific kernel source with the drivers for the specific hardware used in the device (camera, sensors, audio, etc). Teclast P10 doesn't seem like a good device and it probably even performs worse than Cherry Trail. I don't need another tablet and I'm currently busy with other things to do platform/device bring ups anyway.
  6. Older Hi10 Plus devices don’t need any compatibility patch. There's a newer Hi10 Plus batch (that was shipped with 20170220 firmware) that is not supported due to hardware changes and lack of kernel source.
  7. Which ever you prefer of course. It takes like half an hour to test a ROM yourself. That's what nandroid backups are for! CM12.1 is near perfect. CM13 is more hacked together but that's how it usually is running newer Android versions device shouldn't be running in the first place. It might be quite difficult to do any real 'work' with no sources available. Their SoCs seem quite underpowered as well. Kernel source available? Android BSP available? Rockchip developer boards with sources available?
  8. Multitasking. I don't own a Hi8. It wouldn't work properly without kernel source anyway.
  9. Or you could just read the first few posts. All that covered there already.
  10. Yes, probably as long as I have the device. Security patch level is somewhat artificial if kernel is not patched against all the CVEs. Cherry Trail devices run rather strange Linux version (3.14 non-LTS) so it's massive PITA to track down those patches. cm-13.0 branch is already dead what comes to fixes and features (mostly just translations and security patches merged these days) and it's only going to get worse with Android O being out soon.
  11. It's perfectly usable as a daily driver IMO. Take note that this ROM only works on the first batch (of three or more) Hi10 Pro devices. Depending on how you converted your device into single boot, you probably need to install stock firmware with Intel Platform Flash Tool first.
  12. HQ64 TWRP works in all Hi10 Pro HQ64 devices(?) regardless of serial number I've been told. There's different CM12.1/RemixOS compatibility patches for different HQ64 batches, though. Do you see any errors when booting into TWRP? If there's some errors about mounting partitions, you need to format /data partition first (also erases internal storage). What are you trying to achieve in the end? If you're planning to install a custom ROM (CM12.1/RemixOS) you can just skip the dm-verity patch. That's only needed if you're planning on using stock ROM and want to modify it somehow (root, etc). Custom ROMs already come with dm-verity disabled. You can place files on internal storage, external sdcard or USB memory stick and switch storage in TWRP.
  13. What stock firmware (that is fully working on your device) are you flashing from Chuwi site? Use TWRP/patches that match that stock firmware version.

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