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  1. bluetooth reconnection issues fixed? anyone?
  2. Does bluetooth work in the latest build? That means no re-connection issues etc
  3. same problems here. It would be nice if we got a definite answer if this is a problem with Google's 4.2.2 or with Konstat's ROM? Every time there is a new build of 4.2.2 i change from 4.1.2 to 4.2.2, test BT, always have problems and then go back to Daemond's 4.1.2. Same story with every 4.2.2 build.
  4. Are bt pairing issues ever going to be fixed? Or should people like me using bt headsets stick to 4.1.2?
  5. are the bt issues a problem with this particular rom or a problem with 4.2.x in general?
  6. are the bt pairing issues fixed in the latest build? i.e. pairing a device (e.g. bt headset), turning bt off and then back on and the device reconnects. with previous builds, the headset wouldn't reconnect.
  7. what's the correct way to update from the previous build?
  8. From where can I reduce the navigation bar height?
  9. Why can't we get a working version of s2e on the OP after every build. There's no need of going through the last 20 pages of this thread to find one.
  10. Edit: Found how I can remove them. Thanks :)
  11. Found the LatinIME.apk. How can I "edit" it to remove languages?
  12. still no fix for the connection issues with bluetooth headsets?
  13. Since the 29/01 build I have really bad battery life. I'm talking about 10% in less than an hour with the phone being idle. I always have wi-fi on. Is this the problem? I didn't have this issue when I gave a shot at CM10.1 and Konstat's 4.2.2.
  14. Hi. Bluetooth has same issues as in 4.2.1. Connect once and won't connect again unless you reboot your phone.
  15. Any light at the end of the tunnel for these bluetooth issues since 4.2.1? Or should those using their headset on a daily basis just go back to 4.1.2?