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  1. In pictures: Nexus 7 32GB confirmed at £199

    I do feel cheated by google, I only have had my nexus for about a month and now they go and double the storage for the same price. Not happy...
  2. Hello, So its arived and im enjoying it (come from a Advent Vega) but before I root I just was woundering if that stupid limit is still there where if you root you lose the drm protected books and videos that come with it. Is this still the case or does it only affect rentals (not sure about it) Thanks
  3. Too be honest It aint bad, I know most companies absorb the shipping costs but some charge a lot worse (A company charged me £9 for a small stick of CPU thermal compound once)
  4. Never mind, It seems if you look for it its on googles website. Sorry for the thread guys and girls.
  5. Hello, I was just woundering who delivers the nexus 7 in the uk? (TNT, Royal Mail, Citylink etc) Thanks for your time.
  6. So is the volume issue fixed? I cant see it in the change log but then again it does say "Much much much more!" Thanks (might even get premium so I can use the kitchen if the sound is fixed)
  7. Hello, Im getting a lot of system freeze ups with this, when this occurs I have to pull the battery. Known issue or is something wrong with my installation? Thanks
  8. Is this broken if you update? I updated and now it stops responding every time.
  9. Hey Can we really complain though, Its a £99 phone that can almost do the same as a £400 Xoom or similar. Im sure as hell glad it even RUNS so having no sound is not that bad really :P
  10. Blade not starting up.

    Sounds like CM7 has got some file corrupted, Try flashing the SAME version of CM7 over the top of the old one (DONT WIPE) and see if it boots, Hope it helps.
  11. SSRSL5 to Cyanogen?

    CM7 is a lot faster than 2.2, My wifi started working well when I switched to CM7 (Used to drop out and require turning off and on) The only thing I changed on CM7 was the launcher, I swapped to launcherpro and it felt more smooth. Also try turning on 16bit transparency (or something like that) In CM settings then performance. EDIT, If you move from GEN1 to GEN2 Please PLEASE use the wbaw TPT method, So much better than the windows flashing method.
  12. Thanks for the tip makes it playable now, .... But without sound it feels kinda pointless, Maybe R* will optimise it a bit more.
  13. When i went into signal with the 3 sim it went to roaming on oranges network why is that?
  14. Ah i was worried about someone saying that as i dont really want to go back to stock then back to CM7. ill wait a bit longer and see if anyone else posts any more info. Thanks