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  1. [ROM] X-Light - Blade III Pro

  2. [DEV][ROM][2.7.] CyanogenMod 11 (Android 4.4.4)

    Thanks man you are the best ... I will now definitely change my blade lll pro. For zte blade lll. .. thanks again and don't forget you are ower God....
  3. ZTE Blade 3 Pro Help

    Konsta can you tell us what next ..
  4. ZTE Blade V - budget quad core phone coming to the UK

    хахах See this :) nice Compare Blade 3 Pro VS ZTE BLADE V http://www.gsmarena....5&idPhone2=5682
  5. ZTE Blade 3 Pro Help

    Andrej you can open new theme in zte forum just. For Zte Blade 3 PRO. Thanks again man..
  6. ZTE Blade 3 Pro Help

    No. Somehow somewhere somebody will find a solution .....
  7. ZTE Blade 3 Pro Help

    Some one find a solution ? For root
  8. ZTE Blade 3 Pro Help

    English pls ... for all of up conversions .... i have tray all no root ... nothing help of those scripts ... i will tray in one mobile service (mobile shop ) this days i will thell ... and on modaco english ... on gsm-macedonia. -forum (macedonian) thanks ... and if some one have root thell hire ... thanks again
  9. ZTE Blade 3 Pro Help

    Mmm i want miui for zte blade 3 pro
  10. ZTE Blade 3 Pro Help

    For me is the same ... like andrejs ...
  11. ZTE Blade 3 Pro Help

    perfect :) Thanks For the help I will Be the Main Tester :) Thanks ... Sorces are on the web Zte -> http://www.ztedevices.com/support/smart_phone/68b8d904-eda1-48a6-aeea-0548067f5eda.html?type=software Thanks Again Need the root .. and mayby some Day a rom miui ( my most Favorite one ) Thanks Again
  12. ZTE Blade 3 Pro Help

    Can Some One To root ZTE Blade 3 Pro , Hire are the links of the last update From ZTE Thanks I have traid z4root .. Not Working .... http://www.ztedevice...l?type=software Thanks For the help
  13. For The Ram Manager Tray This Yuwe Ram Manager is The best for me :)