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  1. Interesting is that the data sheet for MT9P017 camera sensor is here http://wenku.baidu.c...75a4178034.html pdf can be downloaded here http://www.trulydisplays.com/ccm/specs/5.0M%20Sensor%20Aptina%20MT9P012%20Spec.pdf
  2. Barry Hill

    Google Maps Rotation

    I am using B926 baseband with Infusion B06 and two finger rotate works fine in the google maps app
  3. Barry Hill

    Google Maps Rotation

    I found rotation never worked on any rom until the release of B927 (2 fingered rotation that is). I also found that B926 had a problem with the compass not rotating the maps but that has since been fixed.
  4. Hi Tillaz great rom fastest so far working great. Only 1 problem cant get adb debug to work on this rom adb reports this in logcat ?:??: W/?(?): Unable to open log device '/dev/log/main': No such file or directory Cheers
  5. Yes I have noticed the same thing seems after a few seconds DSP unloads and stops modifying the sound. The only work around I found was the leave the DSP screen in the foreground then it does not cut out. The previous version of Infusion also had this problem as well so it not only you
  6. Yep did that and have rebooted a few times but unfortunatly my notifications and ringtones dont apear
  7. Thanks for the great rom tilaz just kicking the tires on it now. Only slight problem I have found is that my personal notification and ringtone mp3's on my sdcard (in ringtones and notifications that have previously worked with all stock roms and other android phones for that matter) are not apear as selection in ringtones and notifications any idea what could be causing that? cheers
  8. Barry Hill

    ROM ICS Stock C00B934 ???

    What version of the baseband does 934 report its using because if its still 2030 maybe we can use a hybrid approach of clockwork recovery over 926 with the 934 if its the same so we can keep HSPA
  9. From this site the U8818 supports GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA, HSUPA
  10. It could be that the U8818 in china supports Hsupa but the G300 does not seeing it can be deactivated by using different baseband firmwares. It not unknown for companies to limit functionality by nothing more than software.
  11. so when tillaz's rom gets released looks like I will be changing to B926 baseband first but can wait until then I think
  12. Yep works fine with giffgaff (using o2 network) was getting anything from 1.5Mb to 2Mb upload speed consistently with speed test app using the maidenhead server
  13. Hans did you upgrade/downgrade to B926 first before using the zip to B927 because if so I may have to do the same as the extra speed in B926 will be usefull
  14. If someone running on B926 can confirm that it supports HSPA:11 i would be grateful \
  15. Hans added a link to your post for completeness