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  1. Have fun finding nothing tracks and you have to chase every purchase you make if you want to recieve the advertised cashback. :|
  2. Not used Swedish Snow so no idea of the settings but you must have it set up to disable mobile data when the screen goes off.
  3. aaujt74

    Battery Drain

    saw this with someone on another forum settings > about . status > signal strength they had -118dBm on one network :blink:
  4. They keep it there in the hope that people arriving looking for one purchase something else from them.
  5. aaujt74

    Opera mobile web browser

    They don't go completely blank on mine but come up with a white page and some writing to the effect of this page has been dumped to save memory. Takes quite a lot of tabs open to do it unless one of them has a lot of images in.
  6. or c) One that reaches from the spare USB sockets on the back of your computer to beside your bed so you can charge it up ready for the morning when you've been playing on it overnight.
  7. Did you unlock it before activating (or never activated) the orange sim that came with it?
  8. The only way I can get new things to connect to my router the first time is to reboot the router.
  9. aaujt74

    MMS problem

    random thought -- got credit to be able to send it?
  10. My phone seems to be stuck trying to receive an MMS. Its 850KB does that matter? Data is working fine, checked the APN settings, got credit. Scratching my head as to anything else it could be other than being 'too big'
  11. I'm still using the original battery.
  12. I've been having what seems to be lucky-dip vibration on BladeGinger-Negaraku - sometimes it vibrates but mostly it doesn't.
  13. Tacky. They couldn't have made it look cheaper if they tried.