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  1.   Hi mate im guessing your bootloader is unlocked & you have CWM installed...right ? also im guessing you want stock Moto G 4.4.4..also looking at your sig you have a XT1033 Dual sim version..??   if so then just flash the zip within the custom recovery   Flashable stock 4.4.4 Moto g roms here:                                                                                                   or     alternatively if you need restore/downgrade original device firmware here are the firmwares:     if you get stuck just ask and il help :)
  2. Mini MicroSD Card Reader for Android

    a cheaper alternative here only £2.18   says for samsung galaxy e.t.c......but can't see what difference it makes ?
  3. somebody on the hukd website has emailed customer services about this and had the following reply :   Good afternoon. I have been informed that due to the volume of phones that were brought over christmas the IMEI numbers are taking a lttle longer then anticipated to upload. We are in the process of uploading these. They should all be uploaded by Monday so please try again on Monday afternoon. Kind Regards customer Services.       If this is true it could some people are having trouble getting unlock codes for the g.
  4. Motorola Moto G - Nano coating water test

    Doesn't say much for my moto g which fell of the chair last week and screen cracked and was full of scratches lol
  5. Poor In Call sound quality ?

    Hmm might be me getting old and going deaf !  :huh:
  6. mine does this too, i turned phone off plugged charger in and the phone turns on, ???
  7. Poor In Call sound quality ?

    Hi guys just wondering what you think of the sound quality during a conversation on the phone ? mine seems quite muffled ??
  8. Moto G - Micro-SD upgrade ??? ;-)

    well we will never know until someone removes the metal cover, it is possible that they connected the card via a ribbon cable.
  9. Root your Moto G - option 1: Superboot

    Might be another dumb question, but the ones who are having trouble have you verified the download is not corrupt by using the md5# also have you tried running an elevated command prompt ?   I had issues once before when flashing stuff on my win7 64bit pc, I tried again on my laptop win7 32bit fresh install and everything worked fine.   try it on another machine if you can ;-) 
  10. Root your Moto G - option 1: Superboot

    might be a dumb question but have you tried flashing the retail english rom and  then trying the root method, just to see if it works ?
  11. Has the Moto G made cheap phones cool?

    Here:   only £2.04 ;-)
  12. First Impressions

    @MrPuddington   is the back cover removable or fixed, just wondering if it was fixed was there a hidden micro-sd slot underneath ???
  13. Hi, has anyone managed to get flash player working ? im using a custom pre-rooted rom called "free your mind" that has adobe flash player built into the rom but it doesn't work ?? any ideas anyone ?
  14. Vowney V5 Review - Sere83

    @sere83 did you pay import tax ?? cheers :)

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