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  1. I tried to install an apk file from the internal storage but the phone reboots ?
  2. Resurrection Remix 5.5.9

    Hmm....not sure if its a problem with the rom or my phone, my phone has decided to switch itself off when idle after a few hours.. like overnight. It happend twice in the last few days :/ Will have to flash the stock one to see its ok.
  3. Resurrection Remix 5.5.9

    Awesome! Well done... c0d3x42 the rom works great, miles better than the stock rom & it seems a lot faster ;) not noticed any bugs yet, if i do il let you know! thank's for your hard work ;)
  4. Vodafone take on Three with their 20GB 'Red Value' bundle

    do they allow tethering ?
  5. yes i did a full wipe first i have not tried the internal memory to flash it yet though, i had to flash the flux rom as a needed a working device....flux rom works from sd card !
  6. just tried to flash this but it says: mount: failed to mount /dev/block/bootdevice/by=name/system at /system: device or resource busy symlink: some symlinks failed E:Error executing updater binary in zip '/external_sd/ Error flashing zip '/external_sd/'...done any ideas ???
  7. WE Need you guys to help.

    I think we are pretty much stuffed without being able to unlock the bootloader :/
  8. does anyone have another link for this: ROM: Recovery: May 25 22:27:34 CST 2015 Seems dead here :/
  9. I need a little help...

    looks like your out of luck :/ found this on the sony forums: This problem is not specific to Sony, it was reported on all manufacturers even on Nexus phones running 5.0. These apps are using Adobe Air and were not fully optimized to work with Lollipop, and there is no sure shot fix for the issue, but you can try the following: - Settings -> Apps -> All -> Google Play -> Clear data and restart your phone. - Create another user, check if they are on your app list there, uninstall them, and go back to your original user and try installing again. - Phone repair with PC Companion. link:
  10. R/W System Thread

    I'm read only too :/ was wondering if it's worth trying an earlier firmware ? im on the latest. or could we flash a kernel from another vodafone rom that has an R/W system ? or does the locked bootloader prevent us ?
  11. I need a little help...

    you could try this: or just type "android error 505" in google for a solution ;)
  12. Unable to Root 5.1.1

    Sorted it ! cheers guys ;)
  13. Unable to Root 5.1.1

    ok, when i try to run framaroot it says "check vulnerabilities - Your device seems not vulnerable to exploit included in framaroot" and when you click ok it just closes ?
  14. Unable to Root 5.1.1

    Thanks for a quick reply LiNe171, i'll give it a try ;)
  15. Unable to Root 5.1.1

    Hi all, just updated to VDF-995NB01-UK_MR02b from here: but i can't root, tried Kingroot & MobileGo several times but its a no go :( I did notice that upload date of this rom is different to the one KonstaT has posted ? has anyone else managed to root it ?

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