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  1. smaje added a post in a topic "factory reset" to CM-10.1?   

    OK - figured it out myself! In case anyone is interested, here's what I did.

    Boot into Clockwork Mod
    - wipe data/factory set
    - wipe cache
    - advanced -> wipe Dalvik cache

    Reboot and connect to computer via USB
    - delete unwanted (mostly empty) folders - those that are created by apps that are now uninstalled
    - remove photos and music (if wanted)

    Reboot to CWM
    - reinstall Konsta's latest rom and gapps

    Reboot - and we're done.

    Hope that's helpful to someone!
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  2. smaje added a post in a topic how to increase system partition   

    Specifically, download Amphora's TPT Helper app from Google Play. I used the 10a version to get 160Mb (but that depends on your model I believe, mine started life as Gen1).
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  3. smaje added a topic in ZTE Blade / Libra -   

    "factory reset" to CM-10.1?
    I've just got myself a new android phone, and will be passing my Blade to another member of the family. I'm using Kosta's CM10.1 rom, and would like to give them a clean phone with this OS. A sort of factory reset, but to this OS - especially removing all my settings and apps.

    What's the best way of doing this on a Blade?

    Thanks for any suggestions

    ps If it were my laptop, I'd reinstall the OS on a reformatted drive.
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  4. smaje added a post in a topic need larger system partition   

    Yes thanks. Works fine.
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  5. smaje added a post in a topic incompatible apps   

    Thanks for the explanation.

    And I'll give Boat Browser a try.
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  6. smaje added a topic in ZTE Blade / Libra -   

    incompatible apps

    Google Play store (don't like that name!) says that the Chrome and Firefox apps are incompatible with my Blade. So no option to download.

    Why is that? Does anyone know? Is there any way round it?

    And what alternatives do people use for a good browser? I'm trying Dolphin which seems pretty good so far.

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  7. smaje added a post in a topic need larger system partition   

    Thanks for your reply. I thought I had done everything right, but there must have been something wrong! I have just downloaded a different TPT - from Amphora's TPT Helper App. It's the v10a one (with the necessary 160Mb /system partition), and now it seems to be working. I'm just setting it up now.
    Thanks again

    Edit: I think the problem was that the original TPT I was trying to install (see OP) was a Gen2 TPT and not Gen1 -> Gen2. Luckily, trying to flash the wrong TPT didn't brick my phone.
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  8. smaje added a post in a topic need larger system partition   

    Thanks Hydo1

    I can't get any joy from the "power+vol up+menu" combination. I tried that first. My Blade just shows that CyanogenMod startup screen (Blue man/android) and hangs.

    Is there any other way of increasing the partition size of the /system folder?

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  9. smaje added a topic in ZTE Blade / Libra -   

    need larger system partition

    To upgrade to Kosta's CM-10.1 I need the /system partition to be 160Mb. So I try flashing
    in clockworkmod recovery (

    However it doesn't work: I get

    -- Installing: /sdcard/
    Finding update package...
    Opening update package...
    Installing update...
    Installation aborted.

    Any ideas what's wrong?

    My phone is a Gen1 Blade, updated to Gen2 via TPT (I have CM 9.0 installed and working fine).
    Should I downgrade to Gen1 first?

    Thanks for any suggestions.


    ps I also tried flashing the TPT as in the instructions on

    but if I hold power + volume up + menu I get the blue CyanogenMod android guy, and it hangs.
    (And power + volume up has the same effect)

    pps the Blade Checker App says
    European Blade (512MB RAM) detected

    TPT Upgraded Gen 2 Phone detected

    Use Gen 1 style TPTs

    Current partition sizes:

    System: 138MB
    Data: 316MB
    Cache: 2MB
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  10. smaje added a post in a topic can't start phone   

    I upgraded to Gingerbread using CyanogenMod 7.1 RC1 Gen1 to Gen2 Upgrade TPT - it works like a treat.
    Very simple to install (following wbaw's instructions).

    Thanks again for everyone's help.

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  11. smaje added a post in a topic can't start phone   

    Great! Thanks! I'll try that. (Tonight!)
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  12. smaje added a post in a topic can't start phone   

    Thanks Stuart -
    The MicroSD card isn't working - I plugged it into the computer and there's no response at all.
    I do have a spare card (16Gb - instead of the previous 2Gb - not sure why I wasn't using that!) - so I'll try installing everything from scratch.

    I have ClockworkMod Recovery v.
    Does anyone know whether it's worth upgrading to a newer version?

    Thanks again

    Edit: ps I see there's now a CyanogenMod 2.3 Gingerbread ROM - does anyone have any experience ? How well does it work on the blade?
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  13. smaje added a post in a topic can't start phone   

    Aha! (Yes via clockwork)
    I did volume up not down ... !!

    Thanks Stuart

    So I'm in clockwork now. I'm trying Backup and Restore, end with either I get the message
    Can't mount /sdcard
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  14. smaje added a post in a topic can't start phone   

    Yes - I tried power + vol, but it makes no difference - just the little green man!
    And it was unplugged when I turned it on.

    Thanks for the quick replies

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  15. smaje added a topic in ZTE Blade / Libra -   

    can't start phone

    I have an Orange San Francisco which I've been enjoying using for a few months, thanks to Modaco's Android 2.2.

    My phone crashed today (perhaps low battery) and after recharging it I can't restart it!
    When I press the restart button at the top I just get the green android logo. And it just sits there. And the only way to turn it off seems to be to remove the battery - it doesn't respond to the usual method of holding down the button.

    Is there anything I can do?


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