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  1. Dante2070

    Huawei Ascend G6-L11 4G

    I can't even find the factory rom for the G6. I guess custom roms will start to appear once huawei releases an official rom.
  2. I just went ahead and tried it. Smooth rom, but I did experience signal loss. Too lazy to do official unlock, but I'll probably do it soon anyway.
  3. Hi guys, just to be sure, can you confirm that there is no signal loss on this rom, even for those who didn't use the "official boot unlock"? Thanks in advance.
  4. I got lags using ART. It did provide more free ram, but overall performance was worse than with the dalvik runtime. Have you tried clearing the dalvik cache? It is a seperate option, in the "advanced" menu in cwm. If that doesn't help I recommend a full system wipe, clear cache, clear dalvik cache and then do a clean install.
  5. I do experience lags. Also, suddenly android does not recognize being online via wifi. I surf via browser, but the store and cm updates tell me I have no internet. When I use mobile data everything works. Are you using the dalvik or art runtime (if you did not specificaly activate art, you run dalvik)?
  6. ART is working. Taking a long time after first boot. Some apps didn't work at first (Opera and Skype), but did after a reinstall. If you google apps that work (or don't work) you get a list. If your app is listed as working, but doesn't, just reinstall it. EDIT: Apps don't work when moved to SD card
  7. Has anyone found a sure and easy way to make the taskbar transparent? I mean without bootloops after editing build.prop. etc.
  8. I just updated with the latest gapps and then did an OTA update to latest nightly (12/14). Worked like a charm. Thank you Rhen and Qwertyu123 (lazy nick of the year?)! Dazz should your stripped gapps and update the first post (if not done already).
  9. Did you just flash the stripped gapps via cwm recovery? No wiping at all?
  10. I tried to update without formatting the sd card, but I did wipe everything else when I installed the first nightly. It work great, it's just that OTA updates get always stuck on the "finish boot" and later (after reboot) give me an infinite boot loop. Do you think that the sd card really needs to be formatted? Or would it be enough to just use your gapps for OTA updates to work?
  11. Has anyone managed to do an OTA update from one kitkat nightly to another, without any wipes? If yes, what nightly did you update from?
  12. I just tried an OTA update from the first release of Dazz's CM11 do the 12/11 nightly, without success. I got to the part where the phone says "Finishing boot" and stays there forever. After a reboot via battery pull it's on bootloop showing the bootanimation. I had to restore it via CWM (always backup!). Has anyone had success with OTA update? Do I need to install a fresher install manually to be able to do OTA updates?