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  1. TheManicGibbon added a post in a topic zte blade drains even when phone is turned off.   

    This was a long time ago but possible if you're running an older ROM.

    Also on the Blade, a reboot/power cycle can sometimes take ~7-10% of the battery, so this may account for some of what you're seeing.
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  2. TheManicGibbon added a post in a topic The 25c / 25p sale has started - help us find the offers!   

    I hope it isn't just me that instantly thought of this when I read that...

    It's a week, it usually is for Play Store sales.
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  3. TheManicGibbon added a post in a topic Android logo permanently fills screen   

    If you can get into Clockworkmod, have you tried wiping everything (system,data,cache) and installing a newer ROM? Froyo ROMs aren't maintained for the Blade anymore as far as I know, you would be more likely to get help using a ROM like Moldovan Mile High Mountain Pie or CM7.

    Any progress so far?
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  4. TheManicGibbon added a post in a topic Shipped   

    I ordered it from PC World and it's been in Hatfield since yesterday. Now the PC World site says they're not getting new ones in until the 24th, but next day orders are shipping for the

    EDIT: Here is a simple diagram to illustrate my confusion.

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  5. TheManicGibbon added a post in a topic [BUYERS] 8Gb is 6Gb Usable   

    I believe this is the case, I'll confirm tomorrow when I get mine if no one else can tell you for certain.

    EDIT: Windows reports 13.2GB usable for me. OP may want to update with this info too :)
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  6. TheManicGibbon added a post in a topic Nexus 7 Review   

    @putbinoot I'd be interested to hear if you do get it tomorrow...
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  7. TheManicGibbon added a post in a topic Nexus 7 Review   

    MHL does not work on the Nexus 7.
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  8. TheManicGibbon added a post in a topic Nexus 7 Review   

    Great review, helped me make up my mind to get one. Just need to find them in stock somewhere to buy now!
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  9. TheManicGibbon added a post in a topic Some UK Nexus 7s to be delivered tomorrow?   

    PC World have moved forward their availability date from the 19th to the 16th, so it looks like you might be able to get one in store from tomorrow.
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  10. TheManicGibbon added a topic in ZTE Blade / Libra Themes and Design customisation   

    [BOOTANIMATION] Jelly Bean Bootanimation
    This is the bootanimation from the 4.1.1 OTA to Jelly Bean. Pulled from the Galaxy Nexus OTA over on XDA and then I resized it for the Nexus S, but I realised that the Blade has the same resolution and I could share some Jelly Bean goodies.

    This is not a flashable zip, you need to use an app such as Root Explorer to move the downloaded to system/media/. If you're not sure how to do that, ask.

    MD5: 10C0946F81BE7F46F4B5603B473079F9
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  11. TheManicGibbon added a post in a topic How a 16GB Nexus 7 can work out at an effective £167.50   

    Awesome! More McFlurrys for me then. Think I'll be down at PC World on the 19th now...
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  12. TheManicGibbon added a post in a topic How a 16GB Nexus 7 can work out at an effective £167.50   

    This looks very interesting. Two things:
    I think I read something you'd written about getting $10 Google Wallet cash even if you've already activated Wallet on another device? I have it on my Nexus S and I've spent my $10 on McDonalds :unsure: so do I get another $10 on the Nexus 7?
    Do you definitely get the £15 Play Store credit when you buy from PC World?

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  13. TheManicGibbon added a post in a topic SD Card advice please   

    You won't need to reformat the card. Restoring apps between ROMs using Titanium works fine, but don't restore system data as sometimes this can cause crashes and instability between versions.
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  14. TheManicGibbon added a post in a topic £100 budget for used phone so which Android phone would you recommend ?   

    The G300 would be the phone to go for. To clear things up and put them super simple for the OP, the G300 ships with Gingerbread but there's an official update to ICS coming shortly. I see that you already know the difference between ICS and Gingerbread.

    Cyanogenmod is a very popular version of Android available in two distinct versions: CM7 (Gingerbread) and CM9 (ICS). Cyanogenmod, and other custom ROMs (as non official versions of Android are known) require you to root the phone, and then install a custom recovery to install them. Rooting gives you "superuser" access to the device, essentially allowing you to do anything on it. A custom recovery is needed to install the new, custom version of Android instead of the one that came on the phone.

    Custom ROMs give better performance and more customisation options. There will be many available on MoDaCo and lots of help too, so make sure and ask if you're not sure about something. Hope this helps!
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  15. TheManicGibbon added a post in a topic Cloud storage for Music for UK users   

    It's relatively easy to get Google Music working with cloud storage and streaming in the UK if you know what you're doing. There was a MoDaCo guide on how to do it but seeing as I can't find it at the moment, here's an alternative guide on how to do it:

    This takes about 5 minutes and works by making the initial Google signup think you're in America. You only have to do this once and it won't matter if you access it again from the UK, it'll just work. This gives you space for up to 20,000 songs in cloud storage, and streaming of music to all your Android devices, or through the Google Music website. Hope this helps! :)
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