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  1. Does this have expanded desktop? I can't find it....
  2. I am very sad to say goodbye. I have ordered a Nexus 4 now, and am leaving. Good memories :'(
  3. Do I have to do this or can I skip it? Does it have advantages or not?
  4. 16GB: 279, 8GB, 239.
  5. It is not as you have to install things like ClockWorkMod, which need root.
  6. Eleanor Rigby... so funny considering that my friend keeps one making things like "All the lonely [Enter Name Here]s ...
  7. Well, I think that if you can access appbrain, then try to install another launcher - eg. Go Launcher EX. Then after it is installed, press the home button, and then choose Go Launcher EX to start. I hope this works!
  8. It takes 30 min to download a movie? What quality? I get blu-rays, so how long will that take? To download...
  9. All right. Have to go now... get myself ready for 2morrow.
  10. Post above mine.. And what? This is what is posted. Thanks I will have a look at &
  11. This thread is getting immensely off topic, probably coz of posts like this one. (the one that you are reading). Edit: Forgot to write off topic after immensely.
  12. oh all right :)...
  13. Oh right, my bad... you know, I just assumed... you know... that you download pirated stuff... but why cant you just rip the dvd's?
  14. Your title is just... weird and the post below does seem to be what you are talking about. Will look for a link... Edit: Grammer, Punctuation Edit 2: I think I spelt Grammar above wrong. Edit 3: I did. It's spelt Grammar.

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