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  1. Some time ago I read that the white background on most apps results in a higher drain than uing black. Ever since, I have used a black background wherever possible (e.g. homescreen, messaging and email apps) I also check my newly installed apps to see if they have a black background option. It's kind of grown on me and contrasts the white of my Galaxy S3 nicely ;)
  2. It's not a stupid question - I have also noticed that the option to select which email account to send a reply with has gone. In WM5 you could click reply on an Outlook synced email and change the email account you wanted to send it from - this is no longer an option so when you reply to an Outlook synced message and then click send it will sit in the Outbox until you sync with your PC again - no good if you are on the road a lot! The only way I have found to get round this is to copy the entire email from your Outlook email, start a new email in your pop email account and paste the text into it. Its a pain, and a bit long winded, but it works. Does anyone know of a way round this using the default WM6 E-Mail program? I have just installed Flexmail 2007 as posts in other forums state it can do what we are looking for. First impressions are very good as I took an Outlook email synced with my PC and replied to it after changing the "send from" option to my mobile email account - its worth a go if this function is important to you. Cheers Zippyioa
  3. Is it a brick!!?

    Hi GM, I had an XDAII for a while then switched to an XDA Orbit to get built-in GPS. The Orbit was MUCH smaller and lighter but no where near as quick as the XDAII and I really missed the speed. I used the Orbit for 8 months and was just getting used to it when the Kaiser landed. When I checked the specs I couldn't wait to get one. The extra speed, a built in keyboard, LOADS of memory, 3G a 3MP camera all in one device. I was a bit suprised at the weight increase from the Orbit at first, but that went the second could see what was on offer. You should check out the weight difference from the XDAII because if you are used to that size and weight now go and check out a Kaiser in the flesh - I don't think you will be disappointed! If you have ANY doubts consider that your main use for the XDAII is GPS - imagine ALWAYS having it built in - no plug in in the car or extra Bluetooth reciever to lug round - that is how I justified the Orbit!! Cheers Zippyioa
  4. QuickMark for Kaiser is here

    If I understand correctly it is a funky barcode scanner program that uses the camera on our Kaisers to scan a barcode. These barcodes allow you to buy stuff and add contacts to your address book - amongst other things I am sure! More info available here: Zippyioa
  5. Why is RSS so useless

    Hi I use SPB Insight and have found it downloads MOST feeds perfectly with a good chunk of text and pictures. However, on some feeds it only has a few lines - does anyone know why? (an example is ) Cheers Zippyioa
  6. Worldcard Mobile

    Yeah T-Mobile seem to ave forgotten it as well. Oh well I have heard mixed reviews about how good it is anyway!!
  7. Worldcard Mobile

    Cheers Paul, Anyway to get it if you have te Vario III? Zippyioa
  8. Worldcard Mobile

    Hey Flubster, Where did you get the software from. I have a Vario III and it not installed. Would love to try this out! Cheers Zippyioa
  9. Tom-Tom 6

    Hi Roman, You are welcome. I am glad I could help you! Cheers zippyioa
  10. Tom-Tom 6

    You are welcome - I'm glad it worked :rolleyes: When you have added all your favourites again don't forget to take a copy of the mapsettings.cfg file and keep it safe on your PC. Then if you have to hard reset or reinstall TT6 again you can copy it back into the maps folder overwriting the new blank mapsettings.cfg file and as if by magic, all your favourites should be there again without you having to input them again! Zippyioa
  11. Tom-Tom 6

    Hi, If I understand your problem correctly when you reinstall TT6 it doesn't have your original favourites stored anymore? You will need to add them again, but to avoid that in future once you have added them go to the folder where your map is stored (e.g. Storage Card/Western Europe) and copy the file called mapsettings.cfg to your PC. Store that file safely so you can copy it back into the map folder again if you need to reload TT6 or hard reset. The other way your post reads is that once you hard reset and install TT6, you are unable to add any favourites at all!? Not had that before, but you could try removing the mapsettings.cfg file from your device whilst TT6 is not running (keep it safe on your PC so you can put it back again if it doesn't work!) Start TT6 and it should create a new mapsettings.cfg file and fingers crossed, will allow you to add new favourites! Hope that helps - let me know how you get on! :-)
  12. I used to have an XDA2i with an external GPS reciever. In my Peugeot 206 (which had an athermic heat reflective windscreen) the only way I could get a signal was to have the reciever trailing through the car and away from the windscreen. When I bought the XDA Orbit in January I was REALLY worried about the signal strength as its built in GPS reciever would not allow me to put it in the back of the car as I could not see the screen. I was very happy when I first booted up Tomtom on my shiny new Orbit. I was inside my house and within 20 seconds I had 2/3 full signal - indoors! This was better than I could have hoped for so I went outside to give it the heat reflective windscreen test. When I put it on the dash of my Peugeot 206 rather than getting worse, the signal went up to full strength despite the heat reflective windscreen! So don't worry about signal strength with this device. As for other features it is far better than most on the market. Some people comment on the slower processor speed, but if you put a task manager on it and close down programs you are finished with (rather than letting them run in the background) you don't really experience any problems with overall speed. Additionallly the increased battery life that you get from the slower processor speed more than makes up for any lag you get during use. Having experienced dead batteries after 4-5 hours use on other devices, it is MUCH better to have a device that works for longer (I usually get 8 hours of average use - GPS/calls/games/emails/book reading before mine needs recharging) I have had MANY devices over the years and have never been happier with a device than I have been with my Orbit. Others available at the moment have a lack of built in features or are too big or have really poor battery life, but I think that the Orbit covers everything perfectly! If you have nay questions, please feel free to ask me! zippyioa
  13. In car cradle

    I have just purchased and fitted a Brodit proclip and holder for my XDA Orbit (HTC P3300/Artemis). So far I couldn't be happier!! In the past I have bought MANY vent mounts, all of which either move around and/or break soon after purchase. The other option of a windscreen/dash suction mounts is OK, but I find they block my vision whilst driving. I also find that the ratchet system used to hold a device firmly often wears out over time and the arms start to slip - no longer holding the device securely in place. The Brodit proclip (mount) and holder are the best option I have found in years of buying mounts. I put this down to the fact that unlike other 'general purpose' mounts, Brodit make a solution that is totally unique to you. They have created a range of proclips (mounts) for almost every type of car - with several options for each car (vent/centre dash/console) so you can choose the one that fits your vehicle perfectly AND that suits your preference of position. To make it even better the proclip is fitted with no drilling or screws so you don't damage your car. It is held rock solid by slotting into sections of the dash that you lift up with a supplied tool during fitting. The instructions are very simple to follow and you can fit it in a matter of minutes! With the proclip in place, you have a solid platform to mount the holder to. With the proclip and holder being custom to your car AND device you get a perfect fit every time! The only downside to the Brodit range is the cost. They are not the cheapest out there by any means (I have just paid £38 for the proclip and holder) BUT with the custom fit, the quality of the product and the overall usability of my new mount I can confidently say that the higher cost is WELL worth it. Another way I can justify the cost is to consider how much I would spend replacing cheaper (£10-£20) mounts as they broke. I went through several mounts in the last year so spent almost the same as I have just done on my Brodit setup. Where can you get them from I hear you ask?? Check out You can choose your device and vehicle in step 1 and 2 in the top centre of the page. There is also a video showing how easy they are to fit here I hope I have helped you find the perfect solution for your mount problem. zippyioa.
  14. Hi amark05, Thanks for the quick reply and for supplying a cab file for us to try! I installed it and tried to connect. At first it looked like it worked. Loaded Google no problem and found a load of pages related to my search for "test". I thought everything was going well, so I tried a different page (MSN) it too loaded fine :( then I realised that I had the sync cable connected to my phone and that it was using the activesync pass thru to connect! ;) Left feeling a bit stupid, I unplugged it and tried again using GPRS off the O2 SIM. I loaded up Internet Explorer. The G symbol appeared and I got the two arrows below it showing it was connected, then Google, my homepage, appeared (although it was already in cache from my numpty test a minute ago). Again I searched in google for the word "test 2" and got the following message: "The page cannot be displayed or downloaded because the connection was lost. Check the connection and try again later." This was the same message I got when I entered the settings manually yesterday. Looking at the settings made by the cab file, they are the same. It was worth a try though and your help was very much appreciated!! If anyone can think of ANY ideas, I am more than happy to try them - I have also tried my Vodafone contract SIM in the phone last night and it worked perfectly. Amazing really, its aan O2 branded phone that isn't O2 PAYG compatible, but it will work on Vodafone!! :D
  15. I have just hit the same problem. I bought a sim free XDA Orbit from eBay and got a pay as you go O2 sim which I loaded up with £15 to use for internet , messenger, email and Tomtom traffic updates while I am out and about. I wanted it setup this way as I like to have a seperate dedicated phone to use (currently a K800 on Vodafone contract) With my O2 PAYG sim fully loaded I went to setup access only to find I couldn't connect. After lots of forum trawling and many attempts at connecting, I made a 20 minute call to O2 customer services. Rather than sorting the problem for me and making me a very happy customer, they have left me feeling very dissapointed with them, the phone and the lack of pre-warning. It turns out that the XDA Orbit isn't pay as you go compatible when it comes to internet connectivity. Even worse, they can't refund my £15 top-up which I will never use for calls/texts (as I have my Vodafone contract). Basically I am left £15 down and still without a mobile internet connection on my Orbit! :D The only option I can think of is to use my Vodafone contract sim instead. I will give that a try and see how I get on, but if anyone knows a way to get an O2 pay as you go sim working on an XDA Orbit, I would be VERY grateful if you could post a reply for me! ;) cheers Anton

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