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    Acer Gallant Duo Review

    I've had the phone for over a week now, and it has more than exceeded my expectation, absolutely brilliant, works sim for phone calls (not data enabled) and my own data enabled sim for personal calls, email, web. I've been looking for a phone like this for years. Yes dual core would have been nice, but at this price, its an absolute bargain
  2. Spent far far too long trying to download and install this rom - to no avail - this machine is going back to currys at the weekend - and will end up buying something a little bit more user friendly with all the bits and bobs already pre-loaded and working. Shame really it held out such promise,
  3. Running ubuntu - and have version 1.9 advent vega However having difficulty downloading R8 custom bake rom, I' ve copied and extracted to another directory and once in terminal the process seems to die - this is what is get before it hangs [email protected]:~/Desktop/Documents/advent$ './install-linux.sh' Waiting for device... ensure USB Debugging is enabled in Settings-Applications-Development and connect to PC... * daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 * * daemon started successfully * can anyone help please