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  1. http://youtu.be/4fJSxbVSKLw Just couldn't help the temptation... :mellow:
  2. This one works with Exchange just as it should! Thanks!
  3. Well the version currently served at the name FLB-r11b-Gen2-Lite-ES.zip has the same symptom as the version currently in the first post. Can't remember flb-froyo-r11b-gen2.zip is the file name of the working version (the file is on my home computer) but it contained Filer as file browser and Clock (not Alarm, guess it's called DeskClock) as the clock application...
  4. No question asked, just tought you wanted feedback from a tester...
  5. After this update Exchange support went to the same unstable functionality as in the rest of GEN2 custom roms (SS RLS5). The previous Lite GEN2 release without the ADB fix worked fine! Also Filer replaced with Astro and Alarm Clock app changed...
  6. Why is gTalk absent from both lite and phat? Is there a way to add it afterwards?