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  1. [RECOVERY]ClockworkMod[30/12]

    Try: mnt/sdcard/cwm6027.img :)
  2. [RECOVERY]ClockworkMod[30/12]

    Hi everyone! I made a flashable zip version of this... If i get the premission from Razz, i will share it...
  3. Hi everyone! I've got 2 problems with this rom: 1. I miss the email app... :( 2. I miss the performance options... ;) Except for this, it's an amazig rom... Tilal, you made a problem for me: I can't choose between this and C3CO's paranoid... :ph34r:
  4. First impression of v5.0 with pa-ics of C3CO: It sounds a bit louder, with more bass, and clearer sound, but U need edit the build.prop to make it work... I think it's not bad... ;)
  5. Is the settings tablet like, or the stock phone like???? I love the tablet like settings menu... :wub:
  6. Wow!!!! That was quick... :) Thanx... Now i have a 4,3 tablet with ics... B)
  7. Hy! I've got some problem with this awesome, fantastic rom: when i made a phonecall, on the other side can't hear me, but i hear the other side... Strange... Otherwise the rom is totaly coooool... :wub:
  8. Post Your Homescreens

    Here is mine: MokeeOs with ICS theme, go launcher whit SP theme and bw...
  9. I think this is the ultimate rom for Skate... Awesome... Are there a possibility to make it louder? (BeatAudio, XLoud, or something like that)
  10. It works, but if you plugged in the usb, and want to use mass storage, then the systemui chrashed...
  11. Ops... Double post... Thanx to my very limited (32kb/s) internet acces... ;)
  12. I think, everybody is playing with CFX... Like me...