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  1. chris60

    thl w100

    Anyone main question is will 3g 850/2100 mhz work in the UK
  2. chris60

    thl w100

    What are your views on this phone , spec looks good for my budget of £100 ish, will the 3g work okay in the UK ,and recommendations on importer/supplier.
  3. chris60

    Orange San Diego hasn't been discontinued

    Has been for over a week now I f you had read previous posts and now comes with ICS
  4. chris60

    Orange San Diego hasn't been discontinued

    Seeing as it came back in stock on-line ,my wife still won't one after I got a San Diego in the new year ,mine was the last one in Clydebank,phone around none in stock and didn't expect to get any in ,ordered online arrived with ICS already installed ,mine came with gingerbread but easily updated, still a bargain at £99 Pity orange never pushed this or even have it as t mobile phone as well,so both phones de oranged and running T-Mobile.
  5. chris60

    Orange San Diego hasn't been discontinued

    See its back on the orange payg website as coming soon , very strange
  6. Went into my local orange shop yesterday to buy the monte carlo for my daughters birthday ,i already have a San Francisco unlocked and orange bloat taken out. So went in with my partner who is a nurse to get the £20 off the phone , advisor explained it would be 149 + 10 top up - £20 = £139. but he spent ages processing it and put my card in to pay for it @ £109.99 ,paid it and we both quickly got out of the shop. on checking the receipt top up £10 payg new connection £119.99 NHS discount - £20 balance £109.99 result
  7. for the phone - first time ever thought about it for a mobile now its basically a small pc (my first pc was less powerful than my san francisco )
  8. after having the phone for 2 weeks , decided to get rid of the orange cr*p. read every page of this thread used and followed it using universal androot busybox titanium backup free astro file manager did have to do a couple things twice i.e "your phone is already rooted" all went well have got rid of the stuff listed on the first page and then re rooted so superuser not on display. Q1. should i now remove univeral androot , busybox and titanium backup. knowing i can download them again if needed? Q2. anybody's views on anti-virus , malware programs ,recommedations. Thanks again :D
  9. ordered before 5pm last night from Carphone Warehouse Delivered this Morning £89 in Total build number ends 0.0b10 so assume its TFT screen. Easy to unlock using http://orangesanfrancisco.co.uk/android/ho...blade-for-free/ and using information from here got my T-mobile sim to work , and using this site (many thanks) had 3g working this afternoon. very happy so far