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  1. [CM 7.2] CM7 Remix - V4c

    Thx! it works perfectly!!!
  2. [CM 7.2] CM7 Remix - V4c

    the link is broken...
  3. [CM 7.2] CM7 Remix - V4c

    ok i'm trying now... edit: i did it but after fixing permission wifi sleep timeout will be resetted to the default value
  4. [CM 7.2] CM7 Remix - V4c

    before or after change timing value?
  5. [CM 7.2] CM7 Remix - V4c

    i'm prevent this by making a nandroid backup...by the way i've the same problem even if i change manually settings.db file...
  6. [CM 7.2] CM7 Remix - V4c

    i've a problem...when i setting the wifi sleep timeout i reset the phone but it goes in loop during the boot animation...any solution?
  7. [ROM] Cyanogenmod 6.1.1 v3 - FINAL! [FULL HW!!]

    can anyone upload the update of the market? mine doesn't show any app... edit: problem solved :) but now i need the perfromance tweak beacuse the link is broken...please reupload soon!
  8. [ROM] Cyanogenmod 6.1.1 v3 - FINAL! [FULL HW!!]

    can anyone upload the lastest version? thx!
  9. [CM7.2Final/Improved] For Liquid A1/Liquid E

    i wiped all (cache, dalvik, sd-ext, system and i have done a factory reset) before install the rom...but with cpu spy in unused cpu states there's deep sleep...
  10. [CM7.2] Cyanogenmod 7.2 for LiquidA1/LiquidE

    for me it's booting after a factory reset
  11. [CM7.2] Cyanogenmod 7.2 for LiquidA1/LiquidE

    very good rom but a2sd in liquidparts doesn't work...
  12. [ROM] MIUI - 2.1.20 (2.3.7c) - Phoenix

    yes...the battery drain is terrible!
  13. how can i change the options of v6 supercharger? when i click on V6 script tweaker on liquidnext parts it shows me on the notification bar "terminal session is running"...