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  1. In my case battery last for 3 days.Exellent rom
  2. I try this rom and its exellent,very fast.but i have a problem with sd card,rom dont see my card i cant loading my contacts from sd.I try to change that line in build prop but it doesnt work.Thas someone have a solution.Thanx.
  3. After 14 hours batery is on 89% with 4-5 min calls,10 sms and wifi 15min.Exellent work. :)
  4. Working fine on me.Batery in stand by over the night is down for 2%.On nightly 10-15%.Exellent work ;)
  5. [JB][4.2.2] PAC Milestone 1 RC1 [05/08/13]

    Yes from r15.I just instaled and there is no superuser.I update now r14 and there is superuser.
  6. [JB][4.2.2] PAC Milestone 1 RC1 [05/08/13]

    There is no super su or something like that.I dont have root privilege
  7. [JB][4.2.2] PAC Milestone 1 RC1 [05/08/13]

    I had the same problem but i delete everithing and instal again R14.I have no problem after that.
  8. [JB][4.2.2] PAC Milestone 1 RC1 [05/08/13]

    Thanx,download in progres :D
  9. [JB][4.2.2] PAC Milestone 1 RC1 [05/08/13]

    Thanx for the good news and i am wrong about the name it is a HALO.
  10. [JB][4.2.2] PAC Milestone 1 RC1 [05/08/13]

    Is that a halo or holo button becouse on changelog 2.22 there say holo?How can i disable ribbon on this rom?Thanx for answer :)
  11. [JB][4.2.2] PAC Milestone 1 RC1 [05/08/13]

    Exellent rom.I just need to know how can i start holo button?Just keep up the good work
  12. [JB][4.2.2] PAC Milestone 1 RC1 [05/08/13]

    No problem.Thanx for your work.I love PAC rom.
  13. [JB][4.2.2] PAC Milestone 1 RC1 [05/08/13]

    There is a old date on this rom,is it wrong date or wrong rom :)