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  1. Has anyone with hynix memory tried the last version with the fix?
  2. I have a problem with the rom. 2-3 days after flashing, it starts lagging in an extreme amount. Applications take very long to open, or don't open at all, Internet gets extremely low and generally the phone becomes very difficult to use. I'm doing the flashes as instructed.. Am I missing something? Should I flash the overclock kernel or something else?
  3. And where can I find them? Play store like CM and AOKP?
  4. Finally got my code and unlocked successfully! One tip I can give you, is when they respond that they will forward your email to the right department, respond to that mail, saying that you hope that they will give you the code and that you really need it.
  5. I got the same response that the information I submitted is wrong.. Any advice on this?
  6. Hey! Is there any chance you'll add themes to this rom? I want to flash it on my girlfriend's phone, but she wants to stick with CM for her purple theme :-P
  7. What are the recommended settings for the CPU? min/max and governor. I'm looking more for stability and battery duration.
  8. What is the recommended CWM version? Can't find it in the OP
  9. I have this weird problem when at random moments I lose connection to my mobile network. The odd thing is that the signal bar is full, but I can't receive any calls or texts. I appear as out of signal rangeto ppeople that are calling me. The only way to fix it is if I restart the phone or toggle from 3g to 2g. Any thoughts?
  10. Hello! I've installed this rom with clean installation and my phone restarts every hour. Does anyone know what is causing the problem? I'm using C10 R2 Thanks in advance!
  11. My phone after the B06 update is very very laggy! It stucks for a while doing stuff like entering menus or opening applications like dialer or contacts. Tried wiping cache but nothing. Could I have done something wrong with the update? I factory reseted the phone and wiped system before installing it. Something weird that I've noticed is that every time after I was wiping system in the recovery, it also wiped the internal storage. Is that normal?
  12. I have a problem with my phone. Suddenly it started lagging when entering or exitin the app drawer , or when pulling down the notification bar . I have the latest infusion. Any ideas?