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  1. Hi @flurry You sir, are a gent.... Thank you so much, very kind of you, and much appreciated.... :) May I trouble you for a little help please... I'm having trouble trying to flash this in Windows, using RKTools 1.7, and read somewhere in this forums, that the restore was meant to be done in Linux. I don't have a Linux box that I can access easily, and so was wondering is there a way to do this in Windows...?? Or, could I just flash the latest 1.3.1 STOCK rom, and providing I can find a working link to CWM, I can flash this to the Hudl instead?? I basically need to restore the Hudl, and preferbally... Get get Update 1.3.1 on it, and with CWM and root.... The root I should be able to manage, its just finding and getting 1.3.1 on it... I'd prefer to use the file you supplied, as this has it all in it... However it's loads of IMG files, and the main System IMG doesnt seem to want to flash.... Any help gratefully received... :) Thanks, Lister
  2. Hi @CaptainMidnight Sorry to bother you, but if you do have this file lay about some where.... Would be very useful as got my ole ma nagging me to restore her Tablet, and this would make it a damn sight easier.... Many thanks, Lister
  3. Hi @CaptainMidnight Apologies, I've been putting off trying to reset my mums Hudl... (ie: slowly, slowly, catch a monkey) and been doing backups of the Apps (with Data) as for the life of me, I won't be able to remember the passwords I setup for her when I first set the Tablet up... / although can remember most to be fair. But yeah, hopefully in next couple of weeks I'd like to have another stab at restoring the Tablet.... So yes, if you have the file mentioned above, that would be most appreciated please.... :) / save me a lot of hassle... :D Thanks, Lister
  4. @sirius-c / Anyone have this rom sitting on their Hard Drive anywhere...... Please???? :) (ROOTED & CWMR)_Hudl_Stock_Backup_v1.3.1_(JDQ39.20140424.153851).rar Thank you, Lister
  5. Hi @sirius-c I don't suppose you still have the above file lurking about do you...?? Your DropBox link appears to have died, as has my mums Tablet and need to restore the Tablet with your awesome Stock 1.3.1 CWM firmware.... :) Or, if anyone can guide me to the CWM Recovery for the Hudl, then I can stock, update to patch 1.3.1, then Root and CWM it... Thanks, Lister
  6. Hi @TheCactusman, It's not that hard to install....?? Sure, I had a couple of issues when I first tried to install it, but I believe my problems were due to not having the correct size system partition.... Once re-partitioned it to how it was requested, and not what I preferred (as in previous other roms), all seems to be ok since... Take it you have the correct partition and recovery installed first....? As in the original post?
  7. Hi dandreye, This is just a brief answer, as currently at work... But what other Recovery modes do you really need? Don't you only need the main one for flashing Roms or Recoveries...?? Which if you already have a Eco build of CM7, means you have CWM on ya phone already.... and not left in stock mode. Which is a blessing for starters. I think it's best for you, to update your recovery as it seems OLD being on CM7. Look to upgrade your Recovery, by using the latest that comes with KitKat (by ZeeLog). Then that way you can flash all Roms, beit CM7 based, or CM11.... To get into Recovery, reboot phone and just hold the Volume Down button on reboot until you've entered Recovery. Thanks, Lister
  8. Hi @Patrik.KT, Is that likely to happen?? Do Huawei have to release their source after a certain amount of time...? Or is this, fingers crossed & wishful thinking...?? Would be ace if they did!!! :) - similar thing to the Tesco's Hudl Tablet... awesome little device, very cheap... However, lacked any development!! :( Whether thats because Tesco (or the official OEM) never release the source, I don't know... Does it take a long time to build / compile roms...? I think good roms, that everyone is used too, are: CyanogenMod, OmniRom, PACMan and DirtyUnicorn... / but guess just depends how much effort and time it takes. (Have no idea the efforts it takes to sync / compile roms... If too much, then prolly not worth to build some of the more fancier ones). Is the WiFi only broken, because lack of Kernel Source, and thats holding the rest back....? Would be awesome to see Lollipop on it, even if Huawei never bring it to us, and without their silly EmotionUI interface.... I've seen a video on YouTube about rooting this device, looked straight forward enough. Is it easy to root, and then install custom recovery? And how easy is it to restore it back to fully factory without root afterwards? Not sure my brother would try it, if there is no full restore option... But great to hear we have at least one active developer / maintainer for this device.... THANK YOU!! :) Cheers, Lister
  9. Hi Guys, This is great news, my brother got one of these phones for Christmas.... Thanks to me!! ;-) lol.... As it was only £29.99 at the time. It's a pity there isn't much dev support on these phones, given their price mark is around £50 at best... But its encouraging to see this happening here, keep the work up guys.... ... and is there any more news/development happening on it as we speak...?? cheers, Lister
  10. Hi ZeeLog, Long time no speak, glad to see ya alive and well... Hope ya had a great Christmas & New Year !! :) Dude, don't take this the wrong way... But I could give you a great big "Bro-Hug" man.... :P This is one heck of an update dude... Not only is it nice to see a new Rom update, always welcomed... ;) :D But ya also bring a solution to an age old issue I've had for yonks... A modified S2E that supports newer Android than 4.1.2 (not tried it yet, need to install rom first). But will this S2E work with other devices running new Android OS's too?? Cheers, Lister
  11. Hi bble, Yeah I had that (long time ago, about 3x years ago now)... Where the camera failed to open / initialize, no matter what rom... Unfortunately (and luckily for me, was still under warranty) I had to send mine back to get a new handset sent out... I think if you search the forums, I believe there has been similar posts to this, maybe a build issue with poor camera's....? I too had upgraded to Gen2 via TPT, and messed around with all the ROMs... Although don't really use the Blade now as main phone, more for messing about rom wise... So don't come across these issues much.... Cheers, Lister

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