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  1. Fysi

    Nexus 4, 7 3G and 10 go on sale, 4 sells out

    This was me throughout the whole experience:
  2. Fysi

    Is this the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S III?

    @fonix232 Why would they need to go for a quad core A9 when a dual core A15 (which their new super exynos was announced to be) is superior?
  3. 'although the NDA did not disclose sharing pictures what do not tell NEW information' You are sharing new information if this is not bollocks (which it is). You are showing that the Blade would be getting ICS, which is new information.
  4. Fysi

    Met the Andypad team today

    So your looking at taking advantage of people? Not very ethical of you guys ;-) But seriously, from working in various tech shops over the years, I know that if a parent gives their kid a resistive screened device after playing on a more expensive device or iPod touch, the kid will seriously start moaning at their parents for buying such rubbish when all their friends have an iPad or iPod touch, and said parent will return it. Resistive screens really are a massive piece of crap, and no pulling wool over peoples eyes with GHz and Dual Cores and however much RAM will stop them thinking 'I can't really play Angry Birds that comfortably on this'.
  5. Fysi

    EXCLUSIVE: More on the AndyPad project

    A competitor for the AndyPad with a lot features for £120 http://www.kogan.co.uk/shop/7-inch-tablet-pc-android/
  6. Fysi

    EXCLUSIVE: More on the AndyPad project

    I also want to add to my previous statement that a front facing camera would be more useful than a normal camera. More and more people are video calling, and a camera on the back isn't really needed on a tablet IMO.
  7. Fysi

    EXCLUSIVE: More on the AndyPad project

    2 things in my opinion that they need to sort. Make sure it is capacitive, and talk to Google to get Honeycomb. If it is missing the first, it is dead out of the gates. If it misses the second, it'll not really sell as well as they will hope. I am sure that Google would be more than happy to provide Honeycomb to them.
  8. Fysi

    How do you feel about buying Gameloft games?

    I think you know what I think from my twitter :(