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  1. Regards to the developer(s), really good job. Is there a reason, why should I stay on CM9 by Konsta?
  2. ZTE Grand X Review

    So this is the Mimosa X we have been waiting for since february or so? It's a bit disappointing, I agree. What about Era?
  3. Does anyone have a problem with Fring? As soon as I call/answer, it FC. Chat works.
  4. I know, I was just saying..In GB the camera was almost useful, now it is not really;) Anyway, that doesn't pull me off from using this rom, because it is excellent. Just waiting for JB to be a little more smooth. Thanks Konsta&Co. for great job and effort!
  5. Is there no one who is annoyed by the "speed" of camera taking pictures? It was really faster in GB roms, now the speed is the same as in stock Eclair.
  6. [ICS] Found U8815 B927 ROM

    Just got te phone, OTA updated to B892 (I think), then flashed to B927 (thanks for the good&easy instructions). Now I have problem with vendor update, because the system doesn't find any upgrade from internal memory. Am I doing sth wrong? Thanks!
  7. [ICS] Found U8815 B927 ROM

    So it is possible to upgrade the plain out of the box B886 to B927?
  8. [ICS] Found U8815 B927 ROM

    I am finally getting G300 in few days. Is there any news on these 20+ pages, or should I stick to the first one for updating to ICS? Does it matter what build is currently on when I update to ICS? Thanks!
  9. Anything on that matter? I also found out, that the device restarts when I choose ringtone with "android system", play it, and then turn screen off. Then it restarts, for I don't know what reason. It works with other browsers though, like Handcent.
  10. How can I set sound toggle shortcut on locksreen (mute, vibe, loud)? Regarding camera responsiveness; can it be faster, like in GB roms? Thanks and great job! The battery works fine, it can surely be my daily rom.
  11. Thanks, didn't even think of that option..;) What about camera speed, is there something you guys can do about it? I also figured, that sometimes notification bar goes missing. Anyone else?
  12. Maybe it would be nice to add a vibrate when call connected feature, like it was on GB. Among all the great new features on ICS as well as custom ones, I cannot find turn to mute. Is it just me or this would be a nice addon to this rom?
  13. Thanks Shang, I did not really check all the menus and features, as there are so many, compared to GB.
  14. Hi, just checked this rom, and it works like a charm. Did not expect such a flawless and smooth rom. Thanks Konsta & Co. The only thing that little bothers me is slow camera response, because it is the same as in the original (eclair and froyo) rom. It was much faster on GB roms (BlueGinger). Anyone knows, how to download mms without turning on packet data? That was possible in GB (BlueGinger, not sure for others). Is it possible to auto mount USB storage when connected to PC? Where can I set 3G network only? I can see only "Use 2G network only". Not selecting this option works in mixed mode I guess. I am asking because on my operator, the battery drains abnormally when in GSM mode (there is a thread on this forum somewhere). edit: just found here, but if this was in menu like before, it would be even better. edit2: how could I set toggle sound shortcut on lockscreen? I've found it impossible (without additional apps). One more thing to improve (imho): more toggles on notification bar - at least data switch and airplane mode. Is it possible to add? Thanks!
  15. Which of the ICS roms is the most preffered, or are they just visually different?