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  1. Best value Chinese brand phone?

    Nevermind, bought the G4 anyway.
  2. Which is currently the best value chinese phone? I was about to buy the Jiayu G4 3000mah MTK6589T for $255. However, I only web browse on my phone so perhaps its overkill...
  3. I have bought a new front housing with digitizer after cracking the digitiser, there was nothing wrong with the old housing however I did not know you could push the digitiser screen out of it until I visited this thread, I threw it away! :\ Anyway, the touch screen is working fine, but I am unable to clip the back of the phone to the housing. It clicks in at the top just fine, but the areas where the silver plastic are do not click into place. Is there some trick to doing it or do I have a faulty housing? Also, what is the copper for under the black tape at the bottom of the rear housing?
  4. Yep stick with the San Fran. I bought a san francisco after I lost my wild fire. £90 for San francisco and about £130 for a wildfire - does not make sense. I have been blown away by the screen resolution, I had no idea just how bad the wild fire screen was.
  5. Oops and there in lies my mistake. Thanks
  6. Hi, Just received my san francisco. Checked this guide on how to tell which screen you have, but my build number (OUK_P729BV1.0.0B10) is not listed. I have searched on this forum, but I just get threads with people wanting to revert back to the orange rom. Thanks