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    ZTE ACQUA JB 4.1.2
  1. [DEV][ROM][2.7.] CyanogenMod 11 (Android 4.4.4)

    1st RULE: NEVER ask for ETA. 2nd RULE: Read 1st rule. 3rd RULE: Read 2nd rule.
  2. Well, if it doesn't boot at all (even if you removed the battery and reinstalled it) probably you bricked it. I had this issue once upon a time ( I also flashed wrong rom) and I took it to the store were I bought it (wind, hellas) and gave it back for repair. I had warranty so I didn't pay anything (I was waiting for my device about 20 days). Give it a try. Just say to them that it doesn't boot (and NOTHING ELSE). :)
  3. [DEV][ROM][2.7.] CyanogenMod 11 (Android 4.4.4)

    Since I use dalvik cache, is it necessary to change in ART? Sorry for my questions, but untill now (except the message that popped up -I "fixed" it with reboot) I have NO problems with apps, or Google Store. Every single app works just fine. Sorry again if I'm getting bored for you. ^_^
  4. [DEV][ROM][2.7.] CyanogenMod 11 (Android 4.4.4)

    Τhanks mate. Really beautifull article. So, do I just switch to ART, or do I have to do clean install of rom and gapps?
  5. [DEV][ROM][2.7.] CyanogenMod 11 (Android 4.4.4)

    How do I know if I use ART? I have no problems with apps either installing them or running them....
  6. [DEV][ROM][2.7.] CyanogenMod 11 (Android 4.4.4)

    "android.process.media has stopped". This message keeps popping up!!! Anyone what this might could be?
  7. [DEV][ROM][2.7.] CyanogenMod 11 (Android 4.4.4)

    It is working like a charm!!! Install rom, gapps and then blade3->acqua patch. You will be amazed!!!
  8. [DEV][ROM][2.7.] CyanogenMod 11 (Android 4.4.4)

    I 've noticed this: wallpaper (from gallery, a custom foto, not a stock one),turns bigger (and stays that way untill I re-set it to normal size) when -from start screen- I press "settings" button (not icon from menu) and then again settings (icon that appears down right on screen). Some kind of bug I guess? Zte Acqua.
  9. Αctually blade3->acqua mode is used AFTER installing rom and gapps. KonstaT's gapps by the way works fine for me (Greek Acqua user). :)
  10. [DEV][ROM][2.7.] CyanogenMod 11 (Android 4.4.4)

    Did you overclocked your phone? This could be a reason for your reboots.
  11. [DEV][ROM][2.7.] CyanogenMod 11 (Android 4.4.4)

    BRILLIANT!!! EXTRAORDINARY!!! 1000+ for KonstaT and his awesome work! Phone runs like a bullet, wifi lock'n loaded, everything works smoothly so far. For acqua users, after installing rom and gapps, install this: http://www.modaco.com/index.php?/topic/365741-[ROM][PATCH]-ZTE-Blade-III-->-ZTE-Acqua-compatibility-for-all-ROMs#entry4509. Welldone mate!!!
  12. Uhm... Link is down due to federal laws (thats what it says...). Any other link?
  13. BladeIII-Acqua-compatibility-v2.zip https://hotfile.com/...ity-v2.zip.html
  14. [DEV][ROM][2.7.] CyanogenMod 11 (Android 4.4.4)

    hmmmmm... no wifi for me... Again... Greek Acqua user... :( Allthough I installed wifi patch from 4.3 (I thought it could work...)....