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  1. ZTE Kis / Orange Dublin

    I would have bought it if someone say that it's unlockable.
  2. all settings and user apps are stored in data partition
  3. official 2.3.4?

    and kernel+modules :)
  4. official 2.3.4?

    Hmm... I think ril libs doesn't match amss...
  5. official 2.3.4?

    May be cose it for Chinese Blade or needs also amss upgrade...
  6. CM's devs, please add Lebara UK apn <apn carrier="Lebara UK" mcc="234" mnc="15" apn="" user="web" password="web" type="default,supl" /> <apn carrier="Lebara UK MMS" mcc="234" mnc="15" apn="" user="web" password="web" server="*" mmsc="" mmsproxy="" mmsport="8799" type="default,supl,mms" />
  7. Thanks, I've also removed unneeded formatings.
  8. I tried to install by CW and RA but "format() expects 2 args, got 1"...
  9. ZTE Blade GSM/UMTS unlockable?

    I guess item NV_BAND_PREF_I in NV-ram has to be changed to ffff (in hex) to unlock all bands.
  10. If you do not want to lose IMEI just start flashing when phone in FTM mode!!!

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