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    ZTE skate working !
  1. help my screen has gone mad

    So it would appear... tried everythign i could think of but no wits the insurance companies probelm see what tehy come up with,,,
  2. Original zte skate and the wife uses it to listen to music and nag me remotely from work,,,on the way out the door yesterday, she droped it from a very low height and it landed back down (its in a case too), she checked it and it worked fine, she listened to music on the train ok....on opening it midmorning to send me a text, the text entry bit went compleatly mad, typing random letters and words and then trying to phone out random numbers!....I've tried takeing the battery out, holding the power down, i've done a hard reset (compleatly wipeing everything) done that with sim out and SD card out...still its haunted!... cleaned the screen (thought it might be setting it off) it is curently battery out in a warm place on the off chance its got damp.... any ideas?
  3. Skate owner looking for upgrade

    I find the hole China phone thing fascianteing, been reading http://www.gizchina.com/ worth a look!
  4. scrb that i found out, in the lest intuative way posible you have to open the music player and set the tunes to be used as ring tones, the reason they do it this way is beond me...but there you are.
  5. how do i set the ring tones to individuals?..i know should be an easy one, but yesterday i just got round to doing this and it just always usues the defalt tone. Set it in the contacts list Contacts>contact>menue button>options>ringtone....i can set one but the phone ignors it..
  6. [ROM][V4][Skate] MIUI V4 2.8.3

    like it but no amount of fiddling make it ring on reception of a call...which sorta defeats it main purpose ..
  7. trying it, and it looks good. But i have a twits question/problem when it flashed up wether to cync apps i thought "not till wifi is set up.." so i clicked NO, but now i cant find how to let it cync the apps now that wifi is set up....any way to set it going again?
  8. All I can get it to do is boot round to clockwork menue, multipul mucking round just lost all my SD card contents! Am I doing something stupid?
  9. [ROM] [AtomicMod] [ICS THEME]

    I must just say.top work, mind boggeling what you can do. Its even got a link to this place built in!
  10. [CLOSED 29-05-12]

    zipped it on the phone today and what can I say, top work indeed I keep finding stuff to play with. Great!
  11. [CLOSED 29-05-12]

    odd "porblem" i flashed the miui rom, just to have a look. Very nice it looks to but i soon restored the backup of this rom,as i need a stable rom,as sometimes people ring me! However now everything works,but the battery bar etc at the top has disapeared,no amount of switching it on in settings or reboots have so far made it work. ....am i missing something obiouse?
  12. ZTE screen issue

    pleased to help, I was pleased to find a question,here I could answer... even if , as I typed it got nailed.
  13. ZTE screen issue

    shows how much battery's left...
  14. I've tried a few and it is indeed the best (so far) easyest to live with and it works straight off...