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  1. I ordered one too - came very quickly and fits perfectly. For my white SF i got the clear gell and it looks good. :D
  2. can anyone tell me if this jelly case is 'slick' or 'sticky' - i dont want one that gets stuck in my pockets when trying to put it in or take it out. :D
  3. Are there any other differences with the ones Argos are selling? They have the internal memory down for 150 MB instead of 512....
  4. I've also heard there are different screens on the OSF. Is that true? I'm wanting to buy really soon, but just want to make sure i buy the best version there is.... (that is, if there are differing versions)
  5. Why do some show up offering 512 and others 150 then?
  6. Is Orange (or others) selling an inferior model of the San Francisco? On their website, they list it with an internal memory of 150MB. Your review cites a RAM of 512.... :D