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  1. Max-Power

    [Help] Tablet bricked and boot loop in CWM

    I had trouble with windows 7 - 64bit using this to flash, I had to use a windows xp computer to get the driver working properly. have/can you tried windows xp?
  2. Max-Power

    can anyone help me root the gemini q10?

    http://www.modaco.com/topic/367871-has-anyone-successfully-rooted-an-gemini-q10-gemq1002/ Have you tried that link from there? Google Translate will help where you need it (if it's the same chipset though of course).
  3. Max-Power

    Gemini/Tablo/JoyTab 7" TAB7012 - Battery Failure

    Just a quick update, one of the wires to the mainboard from the battery had broken off for some reason... I re-soldered it on and it's charging now :) Had to re-flash it though as it got stuck on the android logo when booting up! The battery seems like the standard 7" tablet ones on eBay if anyone wanted to change it. Soldering points are a decent size for anyone to do it themselves :)
  4. Max-Power

    Gemini/Tablo/JoyTab 7" TAB7012 - Battery Failure

    Yeah, the batteries I've seen are ~£16 so might be worth it... i'll open it up and see how easy it is to do first :)
  5. Max-Power

    flickering screen on Gem 10 tablet

    try pressing down on the corners a bit, see if it stabilises it... might be a loose connection if it stops momentarily.
  6. Max-Power

    have got Gemini D1000 but i can't use sky go

    Only certain devices are certified with Sky Go. Most are mainstream brands and top end devices like Samsung, so it won't work on Gemini tabs unfortunately.
  7. Max-Power

    gemini 1000 10.1" tablet

    Your best bet I think would be to open it up, find the make and model of the screen (that looks broken from the picture, digitizer "might" be okay) and search for that on eBay. I found that easier when replacing the one in my NetBook earlier last year.
  8. Max-Power

    TOOL: Play Store installation for Gemini tablets

    Not had to use this, but love the community that does its utmost to help out us noobs :)
  9. Max-Power

    Joytab 8 stuck at android screen

    I guess you bought this from box.co.uk? I believe this can be fixed by flashing the ROM again which has the instructions and links on this forum :)
  10. Hi chaps, I've got a Tablo 7" (which is basically a re-branded Gemini) which is 22 months old and failed on it's second battery (but this time out of warranty with box.co.uk) so I am looking to change the battery myself. Has anyone tried this (with a tutorial) and know the right one from fleabay to buy as a replacement? Cheers!
  11. Max-Power

    Power lead/plug

    Hi All, I'm after a power source for my Motorola Xoom tablet that's cheapish but will do the job. Most of the ones I can see are genuine ones that cost £15 and don't even have the right pins for the UK (Travel adapter or something). Anyone know where I can get these for under a tenner? Cheers!
  12. Max-Power

    CM7.1 vs Swedish Snow ?

    Swedish Snow is a solid rom with some CM7 inclusions that make it that bit better, so I'd go with that if you're not too bothered about customisations :)
  13. Been with ss4b for a while now, but just tried my navigation... initially all seemed fine when keyed in, but by the time i was driving after a couple mins, the GPS seemed to have gotten completely screwed! I am using A-GPS as well, so would have thought it would be ok.. any one else had any issues?
  14. Nice guide for the community, many thanks! :)
  15. Hi KonstaT, Not sure this is a problem for most but as I was swapping over phones last night to my OSF OLED version (and might I say the screen is a lot better than TFT than I thought!), I noticed that if the setup wizard runs when there's no SIM in the phone, it'll reach the final page and the wizard crash when you click finish. This results in a black screen with only the notification bar at the top you can drag down. Managed to replicate this consistently! I then for some reason tried to go into Clockwork Mod by holding down volume up on turning it on when it froze half way through loading... had to pull battery out, then it never wanted to boot up... d'oh! I eventually just took out the sd card, mounted it on my PC and copied over the TPT installation and redid it that way. Once I did that though, I put in my SIM card as well so I could successfully set it up. Like I said, not a problem for most but I just stumbled across it when setting it up for my sis-in-law without her sim card (as she's not got it yet).... it's SS 4b btw :) Ta!