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  1. No, it is not possible. Beside the issue of getting hold of a copy (Microsoft is not releasing to anyone other than specific tablet vendors) there will be no drivers available and the Vega is well below the minimum required specification.
  2. Advent Vega kernel source code now available!

    Vega does not have mini-USB, not even on the docking station. PC connection is through a USB-A to USB-A lead (large USB connectors on both ends). They are fairly standard to buy from third-party dealers.
  3. Google - PLEASE fix the next version of the Play Store!

    I can only add that, for me at least, trying to use the new UK implementation of the Amazon App Store is way worse that Play Store. Screen just keeps resetting back to opening screen when trying to get detail of an app, or even buy and download. Often get the email confirmation of purchase before I have even successfully downloaded.
  4. [ROM] VegaCream for Advent Vega / PoV Mobii Tegra

    R8 USB Host / Slave swap will not work with this ROM (and may well mess it up as that employs a mod to the kernel to work). I think there is an embedded app (haven't got my Vega with me to check) which allows Host / Slave swap. Maybe the use of the R8 USB Host / Slave app is the underlying cause of the lockups.
  5. This was a common problem on some of the newer builds and the devs did a lot of work on sorting out the clock driver to try and get it right. The most common fix is to get ClockSync from the market which will sync the time to an internet time source every so often.
  6. new to advent vega/tablets

    Most of the devs include CWM in ROMs that use Vflash. I think you will find it there already. Sometimes there is a boot option to get into it and others use an app to force the tablet to reboot to CWM.
  7. new to advent vega/tablets

    Try modded stock 2 first, but I recall some have a problem with rebooting and reverted to plain modded stock.
  8. new to advent vega/tablets

    Yes, installing modded stock effectively wipes the device and sets the partition sizes. I am not sure whether the download links on the forum here are still working, so you may need to check through a few posts to find a copy.
  9. new to advent vega/tablets

    It depends on what base ROM you started with to set the partition sizes. I am not sure if HoneyIce needed anything special, but VegaCream needs Modded Stock to alter the partitions sizes to suit. If you already did that for HoneyIce, you can go ahead and flash over the top.
  10. There used to be a dock available but I am not aware of there ever being a keyboard for the Vega. The dock had USB ports that you could plug a keyboard into. The Vega is now quite an old device and I don't think it has been available in the UK for some time.
  11. no flash after update

    You should be able to just reinstall it from Google Play.
  12. #askmodaco - The Nexus 7

    With no Flash in Android 4.1, is BBC iPlayer supported in any way on the Nexus 7? (Need to know as have ordered one for wife's birthday).
  13. Advent vega, erased settings

    You possibly need to do a factory reinstall - download and instructions are here - http://www.myadventvega.co.uk/
  14. Nexus 7

    I have gone for one, but then I also have a Blackberry Playbook and an HP Touchpad as well as the Vega. I think that lack of Micro SD card support on the Nexus is a shame, but not a show-stopper.
  15. Vegacomb - MicroSD

    I have a 32GB in my Vega.